Oil Leak from Strut

I picked up my V2 Platform RTT from Belgrade in late-October and immediately set off on a long 6000-mile journey through the Northwest and Southwest regions of the US. On my way home to the PNW, I noticed there was a ‘wet’ patch on the driver side tent fabric. At first, I thought it was water but then remembered it hadn’t been raining and there’s no way it’d saturate just that spot on the tent.

On closer inspection it looked like it came from the strut and sure enough, it was leaking oil. I sent an email to Support and they advised it can’t be cleaned and would need a replacement. I asked if they can ship a new tent fabric to me so I could change it myself but was informed they changed the way the fabric is held on to the frame; not held by metal button snaps like it was on the V1.

While this is disappointing and not as user-friendly as their old design, I’m glad that they are taking care of me and would recommend any owner of GFC products give them a chance to make things right because this company, people and their products are awesome. Shout out to the Service & Warranty team!

Now, I’m just waiting for them to finalize their Weatherizing Kit before I make the drive from Seattle so here’s to hoping it gets wrapped up soon!

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Dang - but hell yea, the warranty guys are no slouches. I know people seem to hate the crap out them on here but that’s not been my experience. Glad they are taking care of you!

My theory on the warranty team is that they are ramping up as they have way more customers now and more every day. When they get that machine humming, legit claims will be taken care of.

This company is a good company.


Mine isn’t as bad yet on my V2 Camper, but just noticed this and submitted a service form to GFC.

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As the tent struts break in and compress, they have the potential to disperse some oil residue. If the oil is not wiped up, then it will likely get transferred onto the tent fabric as the tent is closed. So keep an eye on this over the first couple of weeks into ownership and make sure to wipe the struts down with a towel of some sort on a regular basis. If the oil residue continues and/or is excessive, then make sure to submit a Service Request Form and we will get you taken care of like @zhupac and @MBBME!

Thanks for the response on here and via email, @GFC_Calder. I’ll be wiping down my struts and keeping an eye on them over the next couple of weeks.

Still seeing what seems to be more oil from the struts than I should be. I did wipe down frequently as instructed, but not seeing a difference. Have reached back out to @GFC_Calder via email with recent pictures and awaiting next steps.

Great service from Calder and team, new strut on its way!