Overland Expo 2024

With the 2024 dates of Overland expo being announced:

West: May 17-19
PNW: June 28-30
Mtn West: August 23-25
East: Oct 4-6

Is anyone already locked in for one of the events?

Any official @GFC presence at any of the events?

I’ll be at PNW driving down from Fairbanks for it!


We’ll be at PNW for sure, stoked to see you there!!


I’m assuming I won’t need a heater for June in Oregon right? :sweat_smile:


hahaha amazing! Hopefully not, but it’d be cool if it had an AC option - last expo it was hitting ~95F each day :hot_face: not the ideal weather to sell hot quilts :joy:

The EcoFlow wave I believe does AC to some degree.

90?!?!?! I’m not going anymore :sweat_smile: can we have an expo in the winter months?


ooooo they really should consider a winter expo … that’d be perfect!


I’ve been slowly trying to talk a few folks in Alaska into hanging by an expo even if it’s not an official extension. But how badass would an overland expo arctic be?! There are already enough folks in the state of alaska visiting with Rv’s etc that it would do great. The vendors would be the only major issue. Getting all the stuff up here would cost a ton of $


Sounds like it becomes less of an expo and more of a hangout without the vendors :thinking:

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There are enough vendors in state and that would make the trip up but it wouldn’t be as massive a show as the four they currently have.

Expo is more than just vendors anyways and with the different “trails” in Alaska it feeds a completely different kind of customer as well.