Overland Expo 2024

Well that was hellacious horrible. The planes take off and land precisely over the tents, including mine, at what appears to be less than 100 feet overhead. The trains run right nearby and blow their horns, and there’s the continuous din of the highway. I’ve been awake since 4:30 AM, maybe got four hours of sleep. Head hurts. I will have to sleep elsewhere.

If any of you know a quiet campground away from the flightpath please do tell. Or I may have to bail and find a cheap Airbnb and get a bed. I drove all the way from the SF Bay area just to see the GFC booth as I’ve never seen the inside of the camper I just bought. Thanks

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Sorry to hear a rough night of sleep. Here’s a campsite you can consider

Ochoco National Forest & Crooked River National Grassland - Skull Hollow Campground (usda.gov)

I picked it because it’s close enough to the expo and there are other first come first serve dispersed sites there.

Oh thank you so much. I appreciate it!

So rad to meet and hang with you all at the expo! And @Dancebuff I hope you were able to rest easy after the show! It was awesome to connect and hear your stories. Hope you love your new GFC on your maverick! That’ll be such a fun setup.

Safe travels back to Alaska!! So stoked we could meet in person finally :call_me_hand:

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Same! Looking forward to the next time we can connect. Here’s my official notice that I’ll be at expo East in October with the Gladiator and you can be certain that booster duo will get used a ton as I drive down through Canada!

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Thanks @AERONAUT! Great to meet you guys. I finally went to Haystack Reservoir for my last night and it was lovely, peaceful, quiet, and I slept! So nice to meet a few people in person. I am getting excited about getting my V2 Pro.


I am truly sorry for your experience, it is too bad that the organizers didn’t mention that issue. OTH, as a camper, you need to do due diligence, and check potential sites out ahead of time. Google Earth is your friend:

And when you DO spot something suspicious, you can go further, such as:


Railroad main freightlines are a fact of life in many western towns, especially along Interstate corridors. They are harder to spot from a map, but when you get to your location and see the tracks, you can often get a feel for how much traffic there might be.

Always bring earplugs, just in case.

John Davies
Spokane WA USA

This is part of the reason I haven’t ever been to an expo…I can’t imagine site camping would be anything less than miserable, regardless of the flight path and railroad activities. Just the thought of all the vendors and attendees gives me a bit of social anxiety.

After all, most of us have GFCs to get away from the crowds. Glad you found some quiet space to recharge after the event.

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Hey heaveho,

Thank you again for the alternative camping idea. I did go to Haystack Reservoir for my last night of camping. Peaceful and lovely! So is this Graeme by any chance? Or Paul? I see the red truck in your photo here. If so, it was wonderful to meet you in person! I look forward to coming to Belgrade…then likely on to see Glacier Nat’l Park for the first time, with my new GFC camper.
Thanks again!

Thank you, John. I just saw this post of yours. Been traveling so am behind. It was my first expo, so live and learn. Can’t believe I didn’t think to check. I guess I assumed that who in their right mind would offer camping under the belly of planes and not mention it!
Thankfully, my last night, someone told me about Haystack Reservoir, and I went and enjoyed peace and quiet and a lovely lake.

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I’m glad you found an alternate site, away from the hustle and bustle of the expo. I don’t think we actually met at the event, nor am I Graeme or Paul. I am however a relatively active member of this forum specific to the PNW under the Meetup area. That being said, I think an meetup event is due in the near future :smiley:

In the meantime, enjoy your trip to Belgrade. The install trip itself makes an amazing roadtrip.