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We have rounded the final turn, whippin’ and spurrin’ our way to the finish line! Well, that’s a little dramatic. We are close… all of our fabrics are ordered. We have begun production on several sku’s and I am told that our website WILL be live by next Friday.

Here’s a photo with a couple of things that I hope will be of interest to you.

First, the fabric swatches at the front are the heavy flannel we are using for the sheet sets. Instead of using elastic, our sheets are constructed using shock cord and cord locks. The sheets are patterned large so that if you want to add a 1" topper the sheets can handle the extra height. The shock cord and cord locks allow for a good fit either way. Not shown is the fleece sheet sets. We are making these in Burgundy and Green using the same large pattern as the flannel.

Second, the bag you see with part of my blue down sleeping bag sticking out is an oversized Stuff-N-Throw Pillow. It is constructed of a mil spec, waterproof material with a fleece panel oversewn. This allows us to use our sleep gear during the day as a throw pillow (down is a pretty awesome fill) with out risk of getting it dirty or damaging it. I can tell you… I love using my set of Stuff-N-Throw Pillows to prop up against when I’m hanging out down below in cabana mode. I will never apologize for enjoying comfort!

I’ll post a few more photos in the next couple of days of the other gear we are rolling out. We have designed a Ladder Bag that doubles as a Boot Bag which is cool and very functional. The Winter Insulation Kit is coming along nicely. Sorry, I’m not going to be rushing it. When we roll it out it’s going to be awesome! There is a handful of other gear that we have been getting ready to introduce, too.

I’ve been camping out of the back of a truck since I was a teenager. Now… I’m an “overlander” :wink:

Getting “out there” is more important than Gear. But good gear can certainly make it more enjoyable!

Have a great weekend…


Looks Great! Cant wait!

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Overland Softgoods website is live!

It’s a limited launch featuring GFC sheets, for all size tents and Stuff Sack/ Throw Pillows.

More items can be found in the “coming soon” section. We will be adding new products weekly.



Just ordered my set of flannel sheets and pillow stuff cases, thank you!

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I’m going to order that pillow stuff sack. Genius way to store bedding. Are you still planning on having a few of us demo the WIK?

Very interested in finally getting some sheets! What would you recommend between the fleece and flannel? Pros or cons to either?

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Reading their descriptions of the sheets it sounds like they are planning to release warm weather specific sheets later on. Could be reading it wrong though.

Yes, both options listed are supposedly “winter collection”

The flannel and the fleece sheet sets are both considered winter sheets. The fleece is my favorite sheet set for winter camping. I’m at 7200 feet elevation in Colorado. We will have sheets for summer camping that will be a lot cooler material, though.

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Being from Alaska both look pretty attractive to me, but since I haven’t received my camper yet can anyone let me know what the stock mattress fabric is like?

You wouldn’t want to sleep on it bare. It’s more like therma rest material almost, I would recommend getting some sheets for sure. I mostly sleep in a sleeping bag; but I’m still gonna get sheets :smiley:


Thanks for the info!

I’m a Camp Director and thats the most apt description I’ve ever heard… 20 years of sleeping on those plastic mattresses… get the sheets!


Congrats, Scott!

I will definitely be ordering some products from you!

Just curious what topper you’d recommend for those that would want to add a little extra mattress under your sheet sets?


Hi Adam! I just sent the GFC regular and XL mattress dimensions to our foam supplier for the camper van upholstery work that we do. He is making a recommendation on a specific one inch topper and will provide pricing for pre-cut sets. I might hear from him today but it will likely be early next week. He is going to send a sample of the topper for me to try.
I’ll follow-up on this ASAP.


@WrinkledPants, I believe you had mentioned on a previous post a 15% discount available for the GFC family. Just asking for some clarification if the prices currently shown on the website for this early release reflect that, or if there was a specific discount code.

thanks and congrats on the launch!

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Hey Micah, THANK YOU! I absolutely did say that we would offer a GFC forum discount. In the last minute scrambling around to get the website live I spaced it.
I’m going to have our web guy set up a discount code and as soon as that’s done I’ll make a post announcing the the code is live and active for 14 days. I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention!!!


Congrats on getting the site up and your new venture!

Planning to order some flannels as soon as I decide which pattern best defines me as a person.

Do the small platform sheets have access to the cushion handles?

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I already purchased products before getting the discount code, could I apply it towards another stuff pillow sack?

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No problem getting you credited with the discount. Please send a DM with the full name on your order and order # if possible. We’ll need to credit the order that you made and issue a refund to your CC. Happy to have you as a new customer!

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