Pee Wee the Power Wagon build

We have not done much to Pee Wee yet as we were waiting to pick up our GFC first and to spend a few nights in it to see the direction we want to go. As for a build out we are going to keep it somewhat modular and simple as we enjoy many activites and we would like to keep the versatility for what we are doing. We spent 4 nights on our way back and explored around MT, WY, UT, and headed home in CO.

We will have/ already have:

-Fridge: Dometic CFX 75 (working on the best mount for us).
-Power: Goal Zero Yeti 1500X
-Water: Yakima Roadshower 7g and Lifesaver 5g for filling up and filtering.
-Air: ARB twin mounted under the hood with lines to the bed
-Lights: TruckParts Lighting kit
-Awning: Eezi-Awn Bat 270/ already mounted with the help from Mike at GFC, Thank you again Mike).
-Ladder: CVT Mount hood 8.5’
Install time:

Awning shot:

Set up 1st night at camp:

First Night:

Dog approved doors:

GFC on the loose (Big Sky resort lot)

After trying to find a spot after dark with some water crossings turned into awesomeness when we woke to Bison roaming around.

My girlfriend driving like a pro off-road. (her first but not last water crossing)


Looks great! We are in Colorado too. Need to get around to posting our build details, we install 8/14!

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Solid looking build! How are you liking the Batwing 270 awning? I’m torn between the Alu Cab Shadow, Bat and Manta awnings. Did you mount it using the GFC universal mounts?


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I like the Eezi-Awn Bat. I had one on my Jeep JK and it never gave me any issues. It’s light, sets up and stows away easy, and it has decent coverage. It also mounts right up to the GFC universal brackets and tucks in nicely.
I had a shadow Awn before as well and I didn’t like it as much as the Bat, plus there would have been a need for additional brackets.

Appreciate the input on it. Did you use 2 or 3 brackets to mount the awning? Also is it mostly a freestanding awning if its not windy? Thats the reason i was drawn towards the Alu Cab shadow awning but it seems like the Bat awning can be deployed without the legs?

PeeWee looks great, as does the awning! What color is PeeWee? and where was that water crossing? Keep us posted as to your build. Best of luck!

We ended up using two of the universal brackets and it is solid. I had thought prior we would need three but I don’t think the third one is needed.
I would say the Alu-cab is better with free standing in winds but the Eezi-awn does a decent job without the legs deployed (which takes less than a minute) and in four years of using the first Bat I only staked it out once.

Per Wee is Anvil. My old Jeep was the same color so I guess I must like it. The water crossing is close to Yellowstone.
Now that we have our GFC we can start deciding what we would like to do on the build. Next step is a modular in bed frame for mounting the water tank, fridge, air, and electric.

Your setup looks great! I should be picking up my PW this week and have a V2 scheduled for a Spring build. Do you think you’ll need any suspension work to handle the camper/buildout? I had a cap/rtt on my last ‘18 PW and it was great but seems like I’ve seen more guys with the newer trucks complaining more about payload and handling when weighted down a bit

Not PTO but mine is fine being slightly over gvwr at 8840lbs. My buddy who weighed in at 9500lbs (both 2020’s) was not so fine. We just added air bags and a Thuren rear track bar to his and he said the Track bar made a big difference. I probably am going to add the rear track bar just because tho.

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Hey Gregg, I will add to Jadmt comments. I feel as the PW has a pretty stiff suspension from the factory for the payload capacity. Before picking up the GFC I thought I would need to do some work in the future to improve the handling but wanted to wait to test it out.
On the trip to MT and back we had a pretty full load of gear for about 5 days off grid with extras like paddle boards and climbing gear.
Off-road, I could not even tell I was loaded, at highway speeds there was no difference, on mountain roads doing 55/65 it was not as tight in the handling, but even with that my girlfriend who never drove the PW was driving and she didn’t have any issues.
Unloaded with just the GFC the PW feels, drives, and handles better then no load and makes the ride more comfortable so that’s a plus.
I may change the suspension one day but I am not rushing out to do so. I would say just wait until you spend some time in the truck loaded to make your decision on suspension. Will I change the suspension in the future, maybe, but I am not rushing at this point.
I hope that helps some.


Thanks guys. I figured the PWs would be fine for the light weight of the GFC, but always good to get more feedback

Just to add to your questions, I have a 2016 power wagon. We travel full-time with our truck and a classic airstream. My truck has Thuren front coils, front and rear trackbars and fox 2.0 shocks. I have heavy rock sliders, a decked system and a lot of gear. My truck is well over 9000lbs before I even hitch up, so I added airbags. The truck can handle the load without the bags but it feels like a wore out 70s cadillac. With the bags it drives great. I am fully aware that I am legally overloaded, but I also know that the only difference is the power wagon springs. It is the most comfortable truck and trailer combo I have ever driven.


@PTO Great looking truck! I am looking at getting a V2 Platform Camper and love seeing all the PW builds here. I wonder if you could share a photo of your ARB compressor mount? I’d be interested in doing something similar. I am running airbags on my ‘20 PW and have it mounted under the cab, but it’s only for setting each bag and not enough oomph for the tires. Right now I just carry a Viair portable in the Decked drawers, but it sure would be nice having something already wired and plumbed with outlets near the bed. Jealous!

@Bigredwgn We had a ‘16 PW as well previously and I loved it. We are also full-time travelers with an Airstream and I really dig the paintwork on yours! I’d like to hear why you stepped up to Thuren front coils, and if you did anything besides the airbags to the rear? Right now, I’m running Decked with a softopper with probably a bit too much junk in the bed, but that’s life on the road. I really love my Airlift bags and Daystar cradles.

Great build. I am in Colorado as well. Northern Colorado area

I went with Thuren coils because I wanted the tuned Fox shocks and they only sell them with the front coils. The ride is very soft, too soft really for the load we carry now. The rear has stock coils with Fox shocks and the Thuren trackbar. Without the airbags the truck is still level, but way too soft, lots of sway. But with the rock sliders, GFC, and decked system empty, I am essentially overloaded with no cargo at all. Fulltime travel with no storage in the airstream means my truck is my garage. I won’t say what my scale weights are, but my axles are not overloaded at least.

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I can snap some pictures of the compressor mounted. At this time I have not run the switch or line to the back as we are still sorting out how we would like everything situated in the bed.

I mounted a slide out tray and built a ski/snowboard rack for the bed and had the opportunity to test it out yesterday. Slowly making progress.


Regarding load, I reckon we are definitely in the same boat!

Thanks, I’m eager to see what you come up with for that hose and switch as well.

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Looks great! What slide tray are you using?

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