PIT 2021 Route 4, Michael Goes East

Hey guys!

Here is Route Four of the PIT. This will be a run through what we consider the “East Coast” (Everything east of the Rockies). I will be doing all the campers in one swoop through Just about the entire east and back. We are talking at least 10,000 miles of driving. Currently we are waiting on an ETA for materials before I can plan an exact departure date but will update everyone VIA email and the forum as soon as I know.

The Route can be found here:
Leg 1

Leg 2

Number of campers: 50-60

Leg one start date: TBD
Leg two start date: TBD

I will be sending out feeler emails soon but if any of you in those very very outlying citis or towns have the ability to travel at all let me know, I will try to make this trip as easy as possible on everyone to include myself.

For the TX guys, I just added a stop in Austin for all of you more central (Dallas, Houston, Etc.) Please let me know if that will not work for you. You are the only real cluster I have other than around Atlanta so it would be nice to do the campers in one spot.

For all of you around Atlanta I also lumped you into Atlanta for the same reason.

Please shoot me an email to mike@gfcengineering.com if you are one of the people who is mention here.

Gearing up for this long trip and will be bringing my bike as well so feel free to send some local riding suggestions!

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This is still for campers that have broken hinges, but no proactive upgrades?

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Currently yes. And then we will plan the second wave of the PIT for proactive upgrades which will be a whole new entity.


Awesome! And thanks for the quick reply on my email yesterday. Will you be bringing replacement awning mounts for the original GFC ones that will work with the new hinges?



This is great news!

I’m in New Jersey, so I can meet you on the second leg anywhere in NJ or with in a few hours. I saw a pin in Montclair, NJ, that’s fine by me.

I’ll also echo the question from above about the awning mounts… I have 2 that need to be swapped out.

Thanks man!

And if you want a place to crash or get a shower or something you’re more than welcome to stop at my house. I’m about 5 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean (10 minute bike ride) if you want to see the beach. There’s also some mountain biking in hartshorne park in Atlantic highlands. It’s a nice spot and actually has a view of the ocean and New York City. But is also the best riding with elevation change anywhere along the coast of NJ.

If you’re into downhill mountain biking, mountain creek bike park in Vernon, NJ is good.

Since you also have a pin in enosburg, VT… you should check out the north east kingdom of VT. There is some really good riding up there. Google “Kingdom trails” and I think you should find a lot of info.



Hey Guys,

Thank you for the info and yes, if you shoot me an email reminding me, I will bring those awning mounts with me!


I also will need the updated awning mounts for standard awnings (ARB, etc.). Thanks


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If you haven’t already shoot me an email and I will get that on your list.

I’m still a proactive guy with my hinges so I won’t be in this pass for you, but I’m in Jacksonville, FL so if you need anything on your way through or want to stop for some grub let me know!


I am always down for some grub, its one of my favorite things about the PIT

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Hey Mike! Great news. Let us know when the dates are kind of settled. I’m all the way at the end it seems, 3rd to last. Either way glad to see that it’s on the way!

In regards to this I am one of those in the outlying cities. I could definitely travel west into the MN east side to make it easier on you. So long as you have a place that would work for repairs. Thanks!

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@Mike_GFCUSA - How’s the schedule looking?

Met up with Big Mile in Santa Fe, two weekends ago to get mine sorted. Stoked on it. Thanks Big Mike and GFC :+1:t4::+1:t4:


Met up with Mike today in Montclair, NJ. He did an awesome job. Thanks again man!

@Mike_GFCUSA so when will you be in MD? Your crab cakes are getting cold!!

Of course my hinge explodes today and I’m in NYC. Is there any shot Mike is still on east coast or does anyone know where he is? Willing to travel a little. @Mike_GFCUSA

@Shmatty he is back in montana

Montana, NY? lol


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