Platform Topper Qs

Hi all,

Got questions on the new platform topper! The context is that we’re looking for a tent alternative that’ll work well for a few nights of camping in high winds, snow, etc here in the mountains of CO in the winter. RTTs in general either don’t fit in our garage or if they are mounted on mid-height bed racks they’d remove too much of the bed utility. We love the tent for the other 3 seasons, so don’t want a full time camper situation anyway.

We’re thinking of putting in drawers in the bed of our 3rd gen access cab tacoma that we can throw mattress and sleeping bags on, then topping it with the new topper. It’s a little tight vertically, but that might be fine for a few nights.

Anyway, questions that I couldn’t get answered by looking at the (hilarious) promo video:

  1. Is it possible to remove or raise the ceiling on the topper without removing the side panels, so we could pop it up either for a little more head room and/or venting?
  2. Does the external T-track stay in place if you remove either the side panels or roof? Might want to mount max traxs out there, for example. Kinda looks like this is a no?
  3. Any internal features on the topper to mount stuff to? I’m thinking maybe molle panels on the inside nearest the cab, for example, or a ceiling cargo net. Maybe some insulative fabric liner panels or something.
  4. Does anyone think bed stiffeners are a must-have for this topper? Seems like?

We really like the light weight and high strength features of this particular design. We want the truck to stay as light as possible for both daily driving and keeping it light and small for offroad, and still be able to use the truck bed and roof for load carriage.


@GFC_Support @Mike_GFCUSA @Thomas are the guys you want to get info from. Hopefully they can get you the info you are searching for.


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Hope this helps answer your questions, but keep em’ coming if you have more.

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Will the awning mounts work with Topper (not camper)?
Do they offer enough clearance for opening rear doors?

I have a 2021 Tacoma dclb and currently the ARB 8footer and zip in room. Considering a 6 footer based on answers here.

Thanks ready to order, just thinking through a couple items

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Our extrusion tracks allow for accessory mounting across Campers, Toppers, and RTT’s. Before you order, be sure to check the overall weight of the awning and follow these guidelines:

  • < 40lbs, 2 mounts
  • 40- 60 lbs, 3 mounts
  • 60- 80 lbs, 4 mounts
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Thank you GFC. And do you know if 8 foot awnings will clear the tacoma rear doors? @GFC