Possible Stolen GFC?

Saw this on Craigslist…seemed a little sketch.


What do you mean possible? That thing is stolen AF! I believe someone in San Francisco recently had theirs’s stolen and it was a 6ft bed


That whole post is sus AF…hopefully if it is stolen the owner can file a claim with the authorities.


Great catch. Let’s get this camper back to the owner and this scumbag the punishment he deserves

I can’t remember where the SF stolen post was?

Here it is

Disregard that last link, it looks like that GFC was in Oregon, and is a V1. This post is a V2 and looks to be located in the Sacramento area. I’ll keep digging to try and find the SF stolen GFC.

Way to look out for our fellow GFC owners. Hoping this gets the camper back to wherever it belongs to.

These thefts are a great reason to have serial numbers. I’m thinking of engraving something somewhere. Maybe a few places.


Hey all,
We (GFC crew) and the original owner are working on this right now. Please don’t intervene, but dm me if you have any relevant info.