Stolen truck with v1 camper

Hello, new to the form so not exactly sure how all this work. I’m going to try to post a photo at the bottom.

My truck was stolen a few days ago in Brookings Oregon. Inside the camper was almost everything that I own. Feeling blessed I took my surfboards out that day. I’m a commercial fisherman and lived outa my GFC 10 months out of the year. So to me it feels like my house just burned down.

I’m making this post just to get the communities eyes out for my truck and camper.

Truck is a silver 04 Tacoma extra cab with black rims and BFG a/t’s

Camper is a black v1 with grey space frame and lots of stickers inside the forward panel and on the frame

Would also like to say that after owning and living out of my GFC for the past year and half there is no other camper on the market I would rather have. I absolutely loved my GFC and I think the whole team and the way they do business is second to none. The places I went and the experiences I’ve had with my GFC were some of the best days of my life.
If I don’t get my truck back you can guarantee I’ll be getting back on the waiting list to get another.

Thanks all,


can you post a plate number? hopefully you will find it intact with all your stuff.

Plate number is 7L64878

Best of luck to you!


Ugh this is awful, I’m so sorry man. I’m in Colorado but will keep an eye out here

In California but will keep an eye out. Hope it turns up quick for you

Damn. Sorry man. I’m in Idaho and will keep my eyes peeled.

Hey Thomas,

I am from PDX but drive down to Port Orford/Brookings area to surf every once in awhile. Will keep my eyes out on the road as well as craigslist that I scour daily.

Fingers crossed-

Man, a smash and grab is bad enough. Stealing your whole home, just awful. Best of luck to you, I hope your truck and camper are recovered in one piece.

keep an eye out for a camper and parts on craigslist or FB market. I “bought” back a computer that way

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I did the same with my GPS that was stolen. Asked the craigslist seller to send a picture “to verify the screen worked” and not surprisingly, it showed my home as the last destination. Unfortunately low value theft is not something the Chicago police have the ability to worry about.:slightly_frowning_face:
However, evidence of a stolen truck and possessions should be elevated to the top of most PDs priorities. Will be on the lookout!

Hope I’m not hitting a sore spot, but did you ever get it back?