Post Your Pudding Here (2024)

So sick

With my truck in the shop for lord knows how long do my nights camped out of my GFC still count :sweat_smile: still wanting to hit 100 nights camped this year but there’s no way all 100 are gonna be in the GFC as it waits for the Gladiators engine repairs.

Oh no! Been wondering what happened since your last post.

First shift done and dusted. :raised_hands: we have snow to operate up there. Scared to see what home looks like


Night 2 of 2024

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Night 3 of 2024

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Night 4, 5, 6, and 7 of 2024


Alright, 2024 let’s go! :camping: :beers: :v:

NIGHT 001 / BLM spot outside Joshua Tree, CA.

NIGHT 002 / Farm outside Phoenix, AZ.

NIGHT 003 / Same farm outside Phoenix, AZ.

NIGHT 004 / Organ Pipe Cactus NM, AZ.

NIGHT 005 / Ironwood Forest NM, AZ.

NIGHT 006 / Date farm outside Yuma, AZ.

NIGHT 007 / Sage farm outside Jacumba, CA.

NIGHT 008 / San Clemente SB, CA


Feb 3rd, 2024. The Pads by Death Valley Junction

Sorry I injured my left ankle day before leaving and walking/ standing was kind of problematic for me especially after standing in Bad Water Basin for a couple hours taking pictures (ankle got worse after that) so here’s a iPhone night mode picture.


Night 1: Hammertown, Johnson Valley, California

This campsite is quiet at night but gets crowded the second racing starts.

Night 2: Hammertown, Johnson Valley, California

Stayed in the same site. Here’s a picture of someone mobbing a Cybertruck

Night 3: Hammertown, Johnson Valley, California

Same general location but the homies showed up.

Night 4: Hammertown, Johnson Valley, California

Same spot as night 3 but had more people show up. Also featured is some custom desert camo.


Night 1 of 2024. On the banks of the Little Manistee River, Manistee National Forest, MI.


Quick 1 nighter at a local campground. Nothing crazy. Superb parking allowed me to place my ladder directly in a puddle.


Why not move😂

Because that would be smart and I am not that :crazy_face:

Kidding, there wasn’t a puddle there when I set up and then it rained a good amount.


At least the awnings kept it somewhat dry!

That thing is a life saver. Would have been really lame without it. An Easy Up would do just as well :slightly_smiling_face:

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NIGHT 009 / Rainy night out at Crystal Cove SP, CA.


Night 1

Night 2


decided to air out the tent after the storm in southern california.
not sure if it was the rain in Death Valley that made the mattress wet, I didn’t close it properly on Wednesday between rain, or I have water intrusion issue. So, I turned on the diesel heater to heat up the damp mattress topper and foam and then decided to spend the night in there in the backyard. Might as well you know!


Night 1 Oregon Coast