Post Your Pudding Here (2024)

Night #1 (Buena Vista, CO)


Nights 3-4, 2nd trip in the GFC at Frenchman Coulee in WA.


Rough low snow season, but still made the best of it. Stealth mode engaged.


Night 3 near the middle fork of the clackamas river.


Quick 1 night near wrightwood CA


Night 1. Surprise Canyon, Death Valley National Park.


the heck it snowed this week?

Yep and that area is getting a foot this weekend!

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oh snap! sounds like shenanigans are happening lol

Most of the good trails are closed unfortunately though

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yeah winter season.
lytle creek is another popular spot but filled with ghetto behaviors…

Oh yeah? Thats been one on my radar that I want to go to. How bad is it?

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well last i went there were people parked on the trail, parked on the side of the trail, people with improper vehicles that are not trail or offroad ready,

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We rarely camp in developed campgrounds but just wrapped up 4 nights at Hendy Woods. People suck…my kids were really bothered by the amount of trash around the campground and spent the first 30 minutes cleaning up plastic and bottle caps in our site before cleaning the neighboring vacant sites while I was setting up the trailer and GFC.

Only took one pic of the truck but here are a few others from our trip to get credit for the nights.


Hopefully I post this correctly, my first time posting on any type of form.

Got my camper beginning of March and was finally able to get out this last week.
First night was on Lovell Canyon, NV. I went out with my buddy from work. Great little camping area but it got down to the mid-high 20’s unexpectedly, but stayed somewhat warm and super comfortable being off the ground.
The next two nights we’re camped in my front yard to get my 5 yo son use to camping and also we had construction going on inside our home, so space to sleep was limited. Needless to say, anytime I’m home, my son says we have to sleep in the GFC :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
The weather here in southern nevada has been wacky this last week, my son and I might try and go out into the desert to camp one more time before the storm comes for the weekend.


Here is too night 4. Its getting really windy, we’ll see how the gfc done in moderate wind tonight. First night camping with my 5 yo away from mama bear. Hopefully we can make it the whole night


Just picked up this rig. Purchased and road tripped home!

Night 1 (off the highway near Mojave):

Night 2 (near Sedona):

Night 3 (Arizona high plains, didn’t take a pic of the camp setup but I promise it happened):

Night 4 (National forest in Louisiana):


Night one on the year…. Snake River, Swan Falls, Idaho


Night 3. Lone Sequoia CA (Happy Spouse mode engaged)


Aww! That sucks that someone left all that trash - I love that your kids cleaned up though! Leaving the world in a better place :tada: