Prepare for take off, Flight Deck has arrived

The Flight Deck

You’ve got lots of gear and a limited amount of space, oh and you’ve got to secure it all in order to maintain maximum huckability. That’s why we developed the most efficient truck storage system in the universe, and you don’t need a GFC to use it.

Here’s some info on the different configurations we’re offering. Send an email over to with any questions you might have.

The Full Deck includes 5 cross bars and 8 deck plates or 6 cross bars and 10 deck plates on short and long bed models respectively and also comes with 4 track nuggets for securing your gear. Split your entire truck bed into 2 levels while maintaining access to the lower level through the removable deck plates.

The Partial Deck includes 3 cross bars, 4 deck plates, and 4 track nuggets. It’s like a super secure gear shelf in your truck bed.

Bars Only includes 5 cross bars on short bed models and 6 on long bed models. It also includes 4 track nuggets for securing your gear. Modularity + utility.

The GFC Flight Deck is now available for 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacomas but we’re rapidly developing for other trucks. If you have a different truck and want the Flight Deck send us an email so we can keep track of demand and develop models accordingly. It fits well with our campers, but you don’t need a camper on your truck to use this storage system. Oh and did we mention…free shipping to the lower 48?

Available for purchase now on our website.


I don’t see any info on here or on your website in reference to how much the Flight Deck weighs? Any insight?

Would also like to know the capacity of weight that can be placed on it? Can one stand on it to access the tent portion of the GF camper? Anther question is how long of a process to remove and install to keep a truck a truck? It appears it’s 4 connection using the Tacoma Bed rails?

Thanks in advance for a reply!

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after seeing the deck at sema, there should be no concern about weight capacity on the deck. very stout system. the plates remove quickly for access under the deck and the bars look like it would be 4 bolts on each side to remove the bars from the side mounts. you could keep the side mounts in place when the rails are not in the bed

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Hi, great questions. The Full Deck weighs in around 70 lbs for a long bed and the Bars Only for a long bed weigh about 45 lbs.

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Zooming in on the photos that makes sense. It’s a mater of removing 48 bolts for a long bed, simple enough with the correct tools! Very tempted to pull the trigger on this product but still looking at various options plus my truck is overweight already? Holidays made me fat!image

Happy to answer those questions. @NYCO is right, it’s a super stout storage system. You can totally stand on it to access your camper. The weight rating is dependent on the payload of your truck, taking into consideration the weight of your passengers and camper (if you have one). Removal and reinstallation should only takes about 30 minutes on a Tacoma (super simple!).

Ordered! Tell me I am build #1? Looking forward to putting it to use, it will go well with the camper coming this summer and for SAR work! Any recent development on the drawer system that you are at liberty to share?

Yeah, I too have been wondering about the drawer system.

@Trudog @jaredology We considered drawers as a possible option, and they might be one in the future, but the removable panels are a serious game changer. Drawers are clunky, take up space, and tend to break. With the revolutionary removable deck panels you’ll have access to the entirety of the underside of your deck and full freedom to store things underneath as you please.

would be nice to have additional wall sections for below the deck… this way you can separate areas off below and keep shit from sliding around…


We’re scheming on lots of organizational solutions. We’ll release them as they’re developed, and feedback like this helps drive development. Thanks!

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$200 less across the board and you’d have my money for this. Price point is a bit too high.

Coupon from the mailing list is for $270 off the full deck plus free shipping

Looks sweet but 2g’s is a lotta cash. I need to see one in person. :wink:

I’m not in the market. But what is this “mailing list” of which you speak?

I signed up for it, but never received anything.

They had a link through their IG post when they launched it yesterday.

I assumed it was their standard newsletter that I received later that afternoon, maybe it was a Flight Deck specific one only sent to those that signed up through that specific link.

I found it in my junk folder~

<insert tacomaworld joke about IG/marketing/etc>

email/newsletter or not, I guess I can’t complain that I didn’t know about it, thanks to this forum.