Prinsu Rack issues

Has anyone actually had any issues with their Prinsu rack coming in contact with their GFC Camper? I’ve seen discussion on the forum about this happening but I’ve also seen people commenting on their full-size prinsu working just fine without issues.

Will I have to cut? Can I leave it on during install? General thoughts?

What kind of gen and what truck are you running? Need some more deets to give you an honest answer

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Ahhh yes, my mistake. It’s a 3rd Gen Tacoma, double cab.

I didn’t cut mine and it’s never touched, well I can’t see where it has anyway… I have 3/4" clearance.
V1 camper

Were you able to keep it on during the install?

No I took it off before the trip per GFC. Reinstalled it later

No worries man! It looks like some people have had luck fitting it underneath with third gens as the camper sits a bit higher than on second gens.

It looks like the clearance is tight (3/4" seems tight to me) and its important to keep in mind that your truck bed will flex a bit off road so YMMV depending on the type of conditions you take the truck in. Though it looks like @Robjob is in the same boat and hasn’t had any issues.

Thanks for the information! Hoping it will work, though if all else fails I suppose cutting isn’t too big of a deal.

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Yep your intended use will make a difference. I wouldn’t recommend rock crawling with my setup. I’m more of a camper than a 4wheeler. But if it ever hits hard the prinsu or the cab is going to get the damage. The GFC is a tank


Rock crawling is not in the cards but neither was a GFC, so I guess you never know lol.

I pulled and sold my Prinsu because I didnt want to cut it. But I also have an Access Cab…

Would a full Prinsu rack on a Tacoma double cab fit under the V2 camper??

If you watch the v2 video it doesn’t look like there will be room. I’ve seen the habitat rack work well with the GFC though

cutting the prinsu would be an option or selling for something like the is always an option.

How would one cut the Prinsu rack?

Anyone here from GFC that can confirm whether or not the rack would fit under the V2 camper??

a good cutting wheel, its aluminium. ive cut one with a small dremel - something bigger would have been better


I’m hoping he expands his lineup to tundras soon. I’d like to get a rack from him.

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I have a 2017 double cab long bed with the V1. My Prinsu would hit often when the bed was flexing and when I was driving fast hit a bump or a wash. I trimmed my down with a cut blade on a Grinder. It worked out great. The V2 is apparently lower than the V1.

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