Prinsu Wind Deflector

Patiently awaiting my GFC, and my brain has been firing non stop with ideas and questions. I’ve done some searches within the forum, but either the question hasn’t been answered or my searches aren’t using the correct lingo. Has anyone gone with the CBI Prinsu wind deflector off your Tacoma? If so, will that affect the install or is it even compatible? I do see on the “pre-install” checklist, that they’re a no no. Just curious if I can install them after. Thanks for any feedback or information anyone is able to provide.


For a tacoma, it would need to be cut down in order to clear the GFC. That was the feedback directly from GFC when i was planning my install.

That’s good feedback. I’ve seen this: CAMPER RACK (2005-2022 TACOMA DC) — MARTIN OFFROAD and it’s clearly modeled with a GFC.

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There ya go! Sherpa also sells one THE ANIMAS

I wonder how much of a difference adding one of those will make.

I am not bothered by the GFC wind noise, its minimal. It was the same with my prinsu rack.

Some people have made their own :sweat_smile:

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Maybe not the noise, but the noticeable wind drag or whatever.

I cant give you wind drag or aerodynamic values but I wouldn’t expect a drastic MPG increase from adding one of these. Here is a forum about MPG

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Thank you! This is a great stuff. I’ll check it out.

The habitat Prinsu rack fits however if you go off-roading, the camper will flex and possibly hit your rack. I trimmed mine at an angle under the front edge of the camper to reduce the chance of that happening. I also have the drip rails installed and actually noticed that there has been some contact between the two. Never noticed any contact before I installed the drip rails but the chances are never 0%.

Thank you. These are things I haven’t considered. I appreciate it.

My experience is 2 fold. This is going to be long winded sorry…
Before my GFC install on my 2013 Taco I had a cab flush fiberglass leer cap and crew cab prinsu rack. That all came off for the drive to MT for install — post install and the 13 day road trip back to CA I certainly noticed more wind noise and was used to it after a 1000 miles. What are the Deftones for anyway? Upon return I wanted to see what the rack would do, with a mod (jiggy saw and grinder) to cut down on wind noise, add some tie down and do something with the expensive rack I’d bought and didn’t want to recoup on CL. It makes a difference. MPG I’m not that scientific, these trucks get terrible mileage anyway and with that added weight and a decked system I just cringe.

Picture shows the mod close up. The notion that the GFC will hit the rack is a concern of which Sherpa has addressed. I have Bilstein 5100’s all around and Old Man Emu leafs in the rear. At full load and off road in the High Sierra zero issues and never over 10-15 mph and if one had to in a civic they could get to where I landed.

If you have the full cab Prinsu, modify. If you want the windbreak and the added rack get the Sherpa!

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Martin Offroad…fits ike a glove and made in USA


Martin offroad camper rack, we have them on both our trucks -


I have the Martin rack with a 3” larger wind fairing. Works great, cuts wind noise, and increases mpg by at least 1 or 2. It’s for sale too, if you’re in the area :slightly_smiling_face:

Not my truck but they have the Prinsu rack but it was cut to make it fit correctly… picture taken in Montana after my GFC install…

That was pretty much my solution with the short bed. For the long bed version, you MAY get away with the Prinsu habitat and not have to cut for clearance. Not 100% sure.