Wind Deflector Install

Mike swung by my office earlier this week and we installed GFC #367 on my ZR2. Thanks Mike!! Just in time for MN winter. :smiley:

One thing I was curious about is the effect on fuel economy on my little duramax. Sure enough, the topper dropped average fuel economy by about 2-3 mpg for my 20+ mile commute. That is about what I was expecting and have been planning to install a wind deflector. Has anybody out there installed real wind deflector on their GFC topper? I am just looking for some inspiration before I start cutting and bending some brackets. I have used wind deflectors on a few roof racks and found they do help.



Just re-read your post–I have a Tacoma…so my comment was irrelevant. Good luck and enjoy the GFC!

Have you made some headway on the wind deflector?

Nope. Actually pulling the GFC for the winter this coming weekend, so that topic is tabled til spring…

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Update: i am going to make my own wind deflector this spring…


Homemade wind deflector installed. I went with rivets to match the hinges. :wink:

I havent tested it out yet, but it is very sturdy. Hopefully it will bring back some mpg…


The jealousy is real. Please let us know what kind of differences you see


Looks good! I personally didn’t notice a difference in MPG unless driving into a super strong headwind (lifted on 35" tires with 2k# of armor/accessories on) but I could imagine that may also help with any kind of wind noise.

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The little diesel seems to be pretty sensitive to wind and aerodynamics. I am hoping to get it back to almost 30mpg at highway speeds. More than that if I find a friendly semi that will let me draft. :slight_smile:

Notice that I mounted to beef racks behind the fairing to streamline the brick even more?

Wind noise has not been an issue.

I will post results!


Nice work!

Are the supports just hand bent aluminum flat bar or did you find something that was already close to the right shape?

Is the fairing itself HDPE?

Any concern with it contacting the cab roof when going over rough terrain?


Brackets are hand cut and bent aluminum flat stock. I have made many brackets over the years and am moderately pleased with how these turned out. Especially considering my primitive techniques.

The fairing is 12"x48" .235" abs from lowes.

I put a sheet of 3m plastic on the roof to prevent scratches. I will hand bend the brackets up a bit if contact becomes an issue.

I am already noticing a fuel economy improvement. Collecting more data this week. :slight_smile:


Really wish gfc would sell one like this

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That would be a very difficult product to design seeing as there are a ton of variables in every vehicle. My second gen camper sits about 1/4" lower than most others I have seen and it would most definitely contact the roof on my truck as opposed to another. In the overall scheme of things we have had very little negative feedback to suggest it is wind resistance and not added mass that has affected MPG for most customers.

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Awesome! Thank you for the details - I had come to a similar design in my head after looking at some old threads on the wander the west forums and what people have made for Four Wheel Campers in the past.

I know without any fairing the cab-over portion on my access cab directs considerable air downwards against my roof, evidenced from bugs getting splattered on the roof right along that line, and the roof even vibrating at high speeds with a headwind.

Wish a prinsu type rack for the access cab was more reasonably priced, as then I wouldn’t worry about contact and I think it would flow with the lines of the truck better.

Not just diesel. My gas will return 22 on the highway at 75mph, but once the wind comes I’m back down to 18. I’ve been looking to doing this too. If it isn’t too much could you post the bracket size and bends you made? Looks good! Don’t know if I prefer the regular GFC look or with this yet lol which has still been my main reason for holding off. Might have to try it in person and see for myself. BTW if you ever make it to UP in Michigan we go to Drummond quite often and other times to Keeweenaw.

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It is run of the mill ~ 1/4 thick and 1" wide aluminum flatstock. The two bends are at 2.5" and 6.5" measured from the same end. Total length is around 14.5". The first bend is 90°. I have no idea what the next bend ended up at. :slight_smile:

I am still adjusting how the fairing sits above the cab. I ordered rubber edging to cushion the edge, but may adjust it so it sits 1 to 2" above the cab. It either needs to be resting on the roof or more than an inch above or it noisily hits the cab at every bump.

If the roof contact becomes an issue for rough or super bumpy conditions, I may have to remove it for high-speed or rough offroading and store it in the cab.


Thanks for the inspiration! I have a prinsu habitat rack that helps, especially when running 45-60 mph, but looking to do something that helps at 70-80 mph. This might do the trick!

Was it a worthwhile purchase? I don’t know what I would use it for, although I could probably mount solar panel or maxtrax. Hadn’t thought about wind deflector help. Any pix?

I am scheming a fairing for the camper, on our 03 Tacoma dual cab. I want to have it curve from just above the windshield to just ahead of the camper, as high as the camper top. if I get very crafty, I’ll mount it to the sunroof, so that it draws air out the sunroof, when it is opened. if we open the sunroof as is, we get air blasting in, with a generous shower of bug guts.


How about an update on the MPG? :slightly_smiling_face:

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