Product Improvement Tour (P.I.T.)

Yep! Good luck and godspeed! Just like the Jolly mon ‘we love to see you come and hate to see you go…’

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Team PNW,
I am in Seattle as well. I messaged Mike after seeing the route as well. He assured me that Seattle would likely be the second run and that he was very confident that he would be through before June. Good to know that there are at least three other repairs that need to be done.

Parker in Bellevue



Good to see preliminary dates posted!

Please take a look at this and read!

If the logistics weren’t already a pain, they must be now.

As much crap as I have given gfc, the current virus situation is outside their control.

I would be worried about traveling and getting stuck somewhere I didn’t want to be, or delayed in returning home.

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@Mike_GFCUSA, in another thread you said the following.
“I am noticing that certain parts of California are being actually quarantined, per the news or other official sources. This means they are not allowing people from outside certain areas to travel within”
So you are stating that there are checkpoints that are not allowing out-of-state non-residents to enter California? Can you share your source? I did not see this or realize it was happening as a California resident myself. I have friends that are residents outside of California that have traveled back and forth without issue.

Hey Thomas,

Taylor here. I can answer that question for you. There’s a lot of information buzzing around regarding COVID-19, and it’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. People have been throwing the word “quarantine” around a lot in the news media without really addressing the reality of the situation. As far as we are aware, although some localities are recommending “shelter in place”, there isn’t any official quarantining going on in California at this time that restricts travel.

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Hey y’all,

Please take some time to read this important update regarding the PIT.

In order to help us address everyone, please reach out to with questions.

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I was curious which teroson product you use. I’m number 1229 and I make teroson 5555 and it would be awesome to have it in my camper

Is the plan still to mobilize in August?

Yessir, I will keep everyone posted on my ETA to their whereabouts when I am getting ready to launch. I will be going to those who have been affected by the hinges first and those who have already been scheduled or added to my PIT list.

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How do we know if we’re confirmed on the PIT list? I submitted two emails and posted here, but want to make sure. Thanks Mike!

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If you have emailed with me your are on the list.

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Will the PIT be using the new hinge design Graeme eluded to or is that still a ways out?


Will be utilizing the new hinge design!


Awesome. Can’t wait for my the visit!

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Glad to here the PIT is still going on this month. I should be on the list. Im in Charleston, but am glad to drive a bit to meet up.

Thanks again Big Mike!

Have there been any more PIT emails? Dates and schedules?

I haven’t received an email since the tour was cut short. Just want to ensure we all remain on the list now that there are finally new hinges.


I talked to Mike around end of July about coming East. Sounds like he’s going throughout the Rockies first and then making his way east. Timing is tbd since they don’t have a real idea of how long it’ll take to replace each hinge in the field coupled with any other issues he might be dealing with (front tubes, etc).