Product Improvement Tour (P.I.T.)

While I understand the technicality…the Rockies are pretty much the west coast. The point being that you were just in AZ and you’re headed back to the same area. I get the majority of customers are there but that’s the whole issue we had at the beginning of GFC where Instagram bros got to skip line even though we pre orders we’re waiting months. From what I’ve seen there are not that many people with broken hinges maybe 15 people? I don’t understand why the people with broken hinges aren’t prioritized regardless of location. Just my opinion and a reason GFC has frustrated me over the years. Plus not to mention it gets to -20 with windchill here and I don’t have a garage that fits my camper meanwhile Cali stays warm year round.


Indeed it will. While we know it is not the east coast (and I am very much looking forward to getting some delicious BBQ and seeing my friends in the great state of Texas) there are so few customers East of the Rockies we unfortunately have to lump you all together.

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Not exactly what I meant but explained in previous post. Sorry to lump you all together like that, but ces’t la vie.

I promise that the way I am or we are conducting the PIT is extremely thought out and the only way We can take care of you all while also not negatively affecting GFC.

No “instagram bro’s” influenced the direction of this program.


Well when you get ready to head down to Texas, let me know, I will make sure you get some BBQ while here and some other Texas staples! I know there are currently at least 3 GFCs in the Central Texas area and I am sure we can make arrangements to be in the same place for at least that many.

Probably better to do winter/spring down here anyway, not so insanely hot!


Yeah it’s pretty much 70 in cali all the time everywhere… but we need side panels to keep the homeless and looters out. :rofl:


:sob::sob::sob: LOL, you may need it more than me after all! If it were me I would’ve planned cali in Jan when I’m trying to escape winter, but Magic Mike knows best!

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Appreciate the assurance. I must’ve misread some emails here and there. I’ll get you hooked up with some craft beer when you make it out. Idk what else we have, I could bottle some Flint water for you as a souvenir :rofl:


Just make sure you label that water well… wouldn’t want to accidentally drink that.

I’d rather not wait longer, but I know GFC is trying to address the largest number of customers as quickly as possible. Mike’s making an impressive effort to get this knocked out, and I’m sure there are headaches on the backend, too.

@Mike_GFCUSA - With winter coming, I was wondering how much space is needed for the work? Some of us may be able to arrange indoor space, or at least talk a car wash into letting you use a bay for a few hours. Would a standard double stall garage (20’ x 20’ x 9’) be large enough?


Hope you make it out here to the right side coast soon, I really need the new seals on the camper as I can see light through the front where the tent sits on the frame.

I’m up in Dallas but if it’s easier for @Mike_GFCUSA I’m always game to meet up in Central Texas for BBQ. +1 on avoiding the summer


Party in the ATX for sure!


P.I.T. is makin it happen, thank you Mike and all at GFC!! Goodbye living hinge . . .



. . . Hello Embassy hinge !!!


@Mike_GFCUSA I’m in the OKC area, but can easily meet in a neighboring state if it helps streamline the trip, I’m almost certain that I’m the only Oklahoman with one.

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Just want to send a shout out to Mike and the P.I.T.!

Thank you @Mike_GFCUSA for replacing the hinges and to GFC for standing behind your campers! I purchased my GFC before the first production model had been completed and here I am more than two years later and Mike is driving out and taking care of this issue under the warranty. Love this camper and the customer service.

Thank you, Noah


Hinges and doors are overrated, time for maximum airflow

Mid PIT on my camper


I would also like to thank Mike. Got new hinges installed as well. They seem like a huge improvement.


What is involved with the process for hinge replacement by GFC? Does the actual tent body get removed or just lifted in place? Does the camper remain attached to the bed? I am on the east coast list and was just wondering what all was involved when they finally get out our way for hinge swap. thanks.