Production Timeline Records

It might be helpful for others if some of us provided our production timelines as general reference for others. I am providing mine to date below. +* is the days since "Ready for production. d* is for delta between the last notification). Can someone please let me know how long it took there unit to get Softgood/Inspection completed?

+53 d1 - Ready for pickup
+52 d6 - Completed notified
+46 d7 - Soft goods install started
+39 d7 - Sealant curing notification
+32 d6 - In assembly notification
+26 d12 - Components Produced Notified
+14 d14 - In production
+0 d0 - Ready for Production

I am unit #671. Which one are you @MechEMike? I will update as I go, but I think it would be a nice resource if others did the same. I wish I was further into the process so that I could enlighten your situation a bit, but if enough people do it, it will be a resource for those after us :-):grinning:

+96 d2 - Ready for pickup
+96 d0 - Completed notified
+96 d0 - Soft goods install started
+94 d5 - Sealant curing notification
+89 d28 - In assembly notification
+61 d12 - Components Produced Notified
+49 d49 - In production
+0 d0 - Ready for Production

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@derekg, yes I posted this more for posterity’s sake than for my own. I am #659.

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I tracked mine religiously, here is my timeline:

1/31/19- deposit received
8/23/19- final payment received
10/18/19- goes into production
12/10/19- goes into assembly
1/10/20- bad powder coat job, going to take a few more weeks
1/28/20- sealant curing
2/5/20- soft goods installation
2/19/20- camper completed
2/28/20- scheduled install @ GFC

Super stoked for this Friday.


Thanks for sharing! I think most of us obsess like this… hopefully not annoying, I re-did your timeline with the original format that @MechEMike used. I think it would be kinda cool if we could see these timelines in a comparable format…

+?? d? - Ready for pickup
+92 d14 - Completed notified
+78 d7- Soft goods install started
+71 d18 - Sealant curing notification
+53 d?? - In assembly notification
+?? d?? - Components Produced Notified
+26 d26 - In production
+0 d0 - Ready for Production

I think I added this all up right :wink:

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Sorry for the date format but I track by dates (not days) for long term orders.

01/19/2019 Submitted order and deposit
07/05/2019 Received email notification Color Samples Shipped
07/08/2019 Received Color Sample Package
07/16/2019 Received Request for Vehicle details and order options
07/16/2019 Options Set, Invoice Received, Final Payment Made
07/16/2019 Ready for Production
10/08/2019 In Production Notified
10/28/2019 Components Produced Notified
12/03/2019 In Assembly Notified
12/19/2019 Sealant Curing
12/30/2019 Soft Goods Installation Notified
01/10/2020 Received Email that my camper is Complete.
01/25/2020 Picked up GFC Camper


no worries, really the big variable for most of us is before final payment… just depending on how each goes about doing that… I think it will be interesting to see how similar things are from production notified until camper complete…

yours is:
+172 d11 - Completed notified
+161 d11 - Soft goods install started
+150 d13 - Sealant curing notification
+137 d35 - In assembly notification
+102 d20 - Components Produced Notified
+82 d82 - In production
+0 d0 - Ready for Production

There was a TW member that often posted graphs of production times and how they varied over time. He essentially followed the stats from the leaderboard and used them to create the graphs. It would be an easy program to write to parse the data and update to a publicly visible Google drive spreadsheet but… I don’t have a horse in this race because I have mine :slight_smile:

I thought about writing that code the other night. Then I though, " Am I really that obsessed with my truck to write software to track other people’s production timelines?" I decided such a move would be unhealthy from a mental health perspective. It would be nice though. Because of the sample size, you could develeople nice confidence intervals for the time for each step and track how each production stage time changes over time.


Your timeline needs an update :stuck_out_tongue:

Just updated my previous post. Total production time was 52 days.

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Awesome! When are you going to pick it up @MechEMike?!

Here today. Had a long drive yesterday!

We better see some pics!

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Gonna be a good day! Do you plan to stop anywhere fun on the way home?

Slightly embarrassing, but I have been tracking all the status changes for the last month. Feel free to follow here:

I try to update weekly. Open to public, so feel free to add, just keep the format.


Not embarrassing, I think we all obsess. I have no shame about tracking the leaderboard twice daily lol. I have a big spring/summer of trips planned and I can’t help myself.

I feel ya… I have a lot of trips planned coming up and this GFC would make it more luxurious.

Ready to drive to belgrage in a second haha.

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I have build #680 and here’s what my timeline has looked like:

11/18/19 - Ready for Production
2/3/20 - In production
2/15/20 - Components Produced

and I’m still sitting in components produced as of now. It looks like they have completed quite a few this past week, but I haven’t moved stages in about a month now.:upside_down_face: