Puget Sound/PNW Owners

I hope you all enjoy meeting up. I am one of the blessed ones to not have any water issues at this point in time and the GFC support hasn’t advised me either way if I should get the changes done if my RTT isn’t leaking. As a result, I’ll just let them spend time fixing those who have actual problems. Have a great time!

I’m in portland and will likely order a GFC this weekend.

Secured a spot at Seaquest State Park for Friday night, about 20 minutes from the fairgrounds. Not sure what time I’ll get in after work so figured this would be best for a quick in-n-out for the repair in the morning. Been there before and it’s a nice quiet spot. Maybe some golf after, maybe some biking, may just run out to the coast to wrap up the weekend …

Hey dude, I’ll be at Seaquest tonight too! I’m just doing a shakedown run on my new camper and didn’t want to stray far. If you want to have a beer or something shoot me a PM

Not gonna be there tonight, it’ll be next week before the service repair on Saturday. Still have a beer though!

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