Rain Fly DIY

I think the Shitco and GZila rainfly solutions are excellent but a bit spendy for me. If you don’t mind cheap but not entirely a hack job you might consider Flag pole mounts.
I created a solution for minimal cost, the most expensive pieces being mounting hardware.

Tarp clips $11 Amazon
Flag Pole mounts $11 Amazon
Hardware $18.95 GFC or GZila
Rod Stock Poles $9 Home Depot
(Gotta do some bending)
$49.95 Total


Just did something similar myself. Got some of These and used the same style clips and poles. It did take like 5-6 months to receive the dozen I ordered but so far they seem to work well. Only complaint is that they pole hole on the mount is much larger than the poles themselves and also require some sort of backing so the poles don’t scratch the Ttrack


That’s a great find. Do the nuts work in GFC track?
Looks like their poles are the expensive part.

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I’ve used these in the past to cover the ends

Up and close with the rod holders from @Buhlockaye . I also purchased these tent poles from Ironman 4x4 to use. He had to print special t-nuts + the back plate. All in all, I think per window I would guess the cost to be around $10.

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And them in use.

Unfortunately since GFC has a proprietary track size, the included track nuts won’t fit however you could purchase some from gfc/Gzila to use. I opted to 3D print some like @GainzGFC shows above

3D printing seems to be everywhere these days but the investment in one is a factor in cost.
All said and done the least expensive option, considering time and excess purchased material costs, might be to purchase a kit from a stable supplier. Costs have a tendency to come down when production is ramped up. GZila seems the best option to date. I think I saw the kits for $85 GZila Designs | Rain-fly Pole Holder | Buy now!
My work around is not elegant but it gives me a hand hold as well as pole mounting, every little bit helps

Printer, material and energy is all something to factor in. 3D printer material alone used for each mount is probably ~$0.15 so very cheap all said and done. Printers now a days are pretty cheap and quite useful. Can get one for just about $100 not to mention some libraries or maker centers supply them.

For me, not factoring price of the printer, I’m definitely in way less than $80/window.

I think your solution is great! If it works, it works!

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So in the end did you just print the tent rod holders or use the current ones and add your own back and T nuts? They look great!

Hunter shows exactly what I did but all I printed was the spacer on the bottom and the tnuts (photo below). The bolts and actual aluminum mount was purchased from that link.

Could you possibly supply me with the file needed for a 3D printer please? I’ve noticed my local library added one recently & I’d love to check it out. Just have no idea where to start myself really, but want to learn.

@Bb_395 The only files I have are for the 2 parts listed above not the actual pole holder itself. Would be better to use some metal tnuts if possible

All I did was use the OVS mounts with track nuts from Gzilla

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Been talking with @Buhlockaye about solutions for the tent pole holders and I think I’ve come up with a pretty good solution. Problem 1 was reducing the need for 2 track nuts. No reason a tent pole holder should need $6 in nuts alone imo. Problem 2 was reducing the footprint, or at least changing the orientation of the footprint. to vertical. So this is what I’ve come up with. Ironing out the kinks and waiting on hardware, but after they’re tested they’ll be available. I’ll be using an alternative track nut that is compatible with the GFC track, but significantly more cost effective. Target price will be around $6-8 each.

This is a slightly older model, just don’t have a picture of the newest version. Same concept though.


I’m assuming that the bottom of the pole rests in a divot rather than a hole. Is that correct?
On another front
The problem with the OVS version is the angle of the hole. I’m implementing them on the side and it seems that a perpendicular mount would work better than horizontal. There is significant bend. I’ll post back on that result.
My hack works well as it provides angle and deflection out. It’s main drawback is bulk, but I’ve found it handy for a grab.

Correct, its a divot not a complete hole. I’ll have to have @Buhlockaye test these for me when they’re ready since I don’t have a tent to test it myself. That’ll give me more of an idea of where/how to place the divot. Times like this are when I wish I would have gotten the tent topper and not just the bed topper haha.