Ramventures_PNW build - Ram 1500

Hello all!

Just wanted to start documenting this new build. Previously I had a 2017 Toyota Tacoma with a GFC camper on it. That build number was 184 and now that the truck is sold time for a fresh start.
I recently purchased a 2021 Ram 1500 and will be putting a GFC on it in March/April. This will be camper number 2960 and I’m excited to see the differences in the campers.

Instagram - Ramventures_PNW

Previous Tacoma Build -

2021 Ram 1500 truck as of 12/17/2021

Truck Mods -
Mountain Hatch tailgate
Covercraft seat covers
DSS Dominator side steps
Tinted windows
Weather tech floor mats
Bed mat
Antenna delete
Tonneau Cover

Suspension - (Install 2/1/2022)
Bilstein 6112 (front/rear)
SPC upper control arms
Method 701 rims
Falken Wildpeak tires (285075r17)


The extra space in the tent and bed is a nice upgrade, and hard to beat the comfort of a fullsize for long trips. Enjoy!


OOOO, welcome to Ram-town!!! Great looking rig🤘 Let me know how you like that suspension setup. I’m looking an an Icon Stage 5 kit in the spring to get rid of the levelling blocks.

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Will do! Ordered this suspension a couple months ago and delays on everything out it way out. Had these tires and wheels sitting here and just itching to get them on


LOL, I’m in the same boat! Have new rims and BFG’s sitting on the rack in the garage; but rocking the studded tires on steely’s for the winter (wife wouldn’t let me put the winters on the new rims)

Truck looks good!

I’m really happy with the 6112’s on my ‘17 1500 Sport. I found I needed to do the rear as well, as the weight seemed a bit much for the stock setup to behave nicely. Coming back from Montana to Ontario across I-94 in Dec. ‘19, the oscillations on the frozen concrete highway surface caused huge harmonics in the suspension. It was pretty scary above 55mph. I put 5100’s, Icon 1.5” lift springs and Helwig 7709 sway bar back there and it’s much better. Only complaint is the springs are progressive and clank when the soft part compresses on speed bumps, etc.

Definitely want to see pics with those wheels on. They look great!


Great choice in choosing the Ram platform. As Jedgar said you can’t beat the extra room. I believe you are in the same latitude as Jedgar and he has installed some great skid plates on his Ram. Maybe he can tell you more about them, if you are looking for some suggestions in that area.
I like some of the mods Hardcharger has installed on his as well. Enjoy your Ram and your new V2 GFC.

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