Rear mount awning V2

On the V2 build list for the standard short bed tacoma, super excited. Think the GFC crew is bringing their “A” game with the V2 rollout, not that the V1 doesn’t look like a great product. Considering a rear mount 180 awning instead of 270 for numerous reasons, weight, kitchen location, mount in the rear for less trail obstructions, branches etc…
The V2 latching system looks like any rear mount to the GFC lower t-tracks will need 3 inches for the latch to clear the awning back support plate. Curious if anyone is working on or has a working bracket solution to clear the V2 rear latches. Thanks.


I’m in the process of mounting my roam 4ft awning today on the back. I’ll post up pics when I’m done and let you know if I run into any problems. So far I’ve had to cut some notches in the brackets to fit properly with the rear lip that protrudes. It was either that or a spacer and longer bolts.

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Oof, I just realized this thread is a year old. Hopefully the OP figured it out. If not, here’s what I did with mine. Just had to notch out the awning brackets slightly to fit the rear hatch lip rail.


that’s the same thing I did, and added the spacer as to not have to grind too much off. I do suggest rounding the corners and edges if you didn’t. I’ve caught my arm and my jacket on the bracket monkeyin’ around.

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Yep, good advice. I did round them off a decent amount so as to avoid ripping my down jackets and such.

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