Rear tarp Recommendations

Hi y’all,
I like to run whitewater boats up top a lot and don’t really wanna run a 270 awning or side awning. But I am looking around for a tarp to sometimes set up off the back of the truck if bad weather to cook and what not. Any recommendations on that front?

I have a Slumberjack Roadhouse I like a lot. Roadhouse Tarp | Slumberjack


This looks awesome, how are you attaching it off the back when the camper is opened up?

I have only used it with my RSI so not sure, but I think there’s be enough slack to have it sit below the tent and above the open rear window.

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I’m down with the 4’ awning; but I have an XL so it’s a more elegant fit. I like @jedgar solution though. It gives more side protection because the rain I know, never comes straight down :joy:

I used to have this and it worked great.

I also carry whitewater boats up top and other stuff so having an awning off the side makes it difficult to climb up there and tie stuff down. I bought a Slumberjack last year and have used it couple times. It’s a really great option.


I have a MSR Rendevous, I love it because it’s standalone and I can interface it with the camper. There are those times when you want to be down by the water and can’t get the truck there, so you can just bring the canopy down there instead. This is the big one too.



I have a 4x9 tarp that attaches to hooks on the extrusion with 2 adjustable poles from amazon
custom tarp:


I didn’t know it when I ordered the tarp but it is made and ships from india… it still only took a week to get. I just had it setup last night and withstood the storm that ripped through. if I were to do it again, tarp would be 50" wide not 48"


Thanks for all the recommendations y’all. This has been super helpful!

….I can second the SlumberJack…we weathered Wind, Rain and Hail with this setup. Look forward to using it in conjunction with the GFC after it’s installed next month.


I hear the Force Protector Gear Adapter Shade Panels work well.

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Check out

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I have this one and really like it.

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I have the slumberjack as well. It takes a little more time to setup but I think you get better coverage, especially with rain.


That looks great to me! How are you attaching it to the tent?

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It has some long straps with buckles and loops (designed to go through your rear wheels) so you can run them to the roof rack, which I think is what they did.


I’ve been really happy with the Moonfab. Put two i-bolts on each side of the GFC, so the awning can go left, right or off the back depending on the camp spot. :call_me_hand:


I’ve been using a Big Agnes Three Forks shelter. It’s freestanding so it can be moved anywhere in your campsite as needed. I put one side of it on top of the GFC hatch and then lash it off to the truck. Looks kind of funky but works great.

How did you attach to your truck?