Rear windows or no windows

I havent been able to find a discussion on windows yet so please point me there if one exists BUT
I’m receiving my options kit soon and have gone back and forth so many times on adding windows
i really like having the view but also would like the security of nobody busting out my windows and stealing my stuff.
what are yalls thoughts?? people who dont have them, do you miss them or did you quickly get over it?

Here’s a good discussion thread

I personally went with front and back, would opt for side window if available

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Thank you for this! super helpful

I went with windows as I’d like to be able to see out if camped inside during a storm. Curtains are simple enough for when parked in public.

FYI. Most automotive glass shops can install that type of window super fast any shape you choose. I had some installed on a jet boat recently. Not to mention the GFC front window doesn’t match the V2 supports so it looks off. I’m going with no windows and will have some installed locally if I decide on that.

I don’t know what GFC would have to say about that…

I asked GFC if warranty would be voided on new legacy hinge if I installed a side window. I was told it would void that panel warranty and hinge. I wasn’t surprised by this answer and understand there stance on the modification. Not sure if that would be the same answer on front or back window.

Share some pictures with us when you do it. Putting in a slider window or something that opens nearest the cab would be cool.

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Windows are great, IMHO.


I was 100% sure I didn’t want any windows, but I ended up getting a completed camper and it had the rear window. I honestly love it and would get a window if I had to choose now. When you are doing anything in bed with the tent closed the natural light is super nice to have, and if you have to sleep down there it is way less claustrophobic.

My dog appreciates the view

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I went black and forth and finally went with windows. Glad I did. Biggest plus for me has been being able to use the rear view mirror for visibility on long distance highway drives.

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The above thread on windows is good. I’d think about what will be most practical for you. I went window on the back panel, not one on the front. Reasoning being that we have a Duluth Trading Backseat Bunker that will hang from the front panel which eliminates the need for any window. I like the idea of a window in the back to be able to look outside when “down below.” Our kids will be sleeping “downstairs” as well and want to be able to look outside. To each their own though.

Reasons why I like both windows.- being able to see out the back while driving and it allows more light in.
Reasons why I don’t like both windows- privacy issue which can be solved by covering the windows up with something or you can have the window tinted. If the truck is packed up high you can’t see out the windows anyway. Windows can break so you have to be careful about what you stack up next to them. Also if you want to drive down the road with the rear panel open having a glass window bounce up and down is not good. Security reasons. Without glass no one can see in which can be solved by covering up the window but if I’m a thief I wonder what are you hiding? Then I break your window and steal your shit. Rear glass window adds extra weight which adds extra sag to panel but I consider this a small reason. Last reason it cost more.
I’ve had my GFC for a while now and even though I listed more reasons not to get the windows I’m still glad I did and would not change my decision.


Strawfoot sells magnetic window covers fitted for the front and rear windows. They essentially black out the windows and it’s like having solid panels. Come on and off in a few seconds flat. Very durable and high quality and priced as such.

I considered those strawfoot covers. They do look really quality but the price is what pushed me away. I have the inside covered with reflectix and for the rear window I put Velcro on a piece of reflectix that I can stick to the rear panel when I want.

I did the same with magnets. Hell of a lot cheaper

Cool, but the door is aluminum…

Just used some adhesive and applied a little steel plate. They sell a ton of these little plates for phone mounts on amazon

The Strawfoot kit comes with adhesive metal strips…

I thought I wanted windows - but in the end didn’t order them. I haven’t missed them at all. I have my backup camera set up so I can turn it on with a switch which is helpful.