Windows or no windows?

Just got my color samples shipped to me and that means it’s time to commit to options! I keep going back and forth on whether to get the windows or not. Any good advice from those who have already made their decision and how they have liked/regretted it?

Is the visibility through the rear view mirror still pretty good with the windows? Entertained the idea of maybe going without windows but getting a rearview camera instead. I’m really not sure which way I wanna go on this yet.

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I went with both windows because I thought the idea of still having the rear view mirror to see behind me as an option I would keep like it.

However I drive a work van everyday with no rear view mirror or windows and I’m totally fine with it.

I wouldn’t get windows if I were to do it again for these reasons.

  1. I put a cargo net in the GFC and when it’s loaded with bedding I can’t see out anyways.

  2. I don’t really need to see out the rear view because I have a backup camera.

  3. I’d actually rather remove my Tacoma rear view completely so I can see out the windshield better since I’m tall.

  4. It makes it easier for people to look at what’s inside. Even though I blacked mine out with window tint.

  5. I could have saved money.

  6. They add weight and another possible failure point on leak in the future.

  7. I don’t need to see my cargo in the back. I pack it right and if I don’t it’s not like there is much I can do or see back from the drivers seat heading to the mall anyways.


No windows. Backup camera and mirrors are plenty for me.


Front window only since I anticipate the dog will be moved in the bed once the kiddo comes. With having a window I will be able to see him back there and it won’t be pitch black.

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No windows. I have a front and thought it would be used to look after the dogs, but it doesn’t really provide much visibility. It is way too dark in there with everything closed up to see via the rear view mirror.

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Good intel… I kinda want to have the ability to turn on some topper lights from the cab but not sure how or if I want to deal with the hassle.

Does the factory cargo light help at all?

I have both windows and would not change it. I drive my truck almost every day not for camping but for daily driving. I do use my rearview mirror and I think the view is great. I have a backup camera and I use it too. If you have the opportunity to checkout a gfc in person I would highly recommend it.
One other thing to consider is how do you feel about driving with a camper shell on your truck? For me I have had an open bed always. I’ve never been a fan of camper shells or putting anything on the back of my truck that covered it up and blocked my view. So for me having the windows was a good compromise. Good luck on your decision.


Yeah the list you made is similar to lots of my concerns of going with windows. I have an 07 Tacoma, do you know if I would be able to retrofit a rearview camera from one of the newer tacomas to mine, or am I best off just looking at aftermarket ones?

don’t have my camper yet, but i can’t imagine not being able to see out the back while driving and the side mirrors aren’t really sufficient in my mind. i like to know what the traffic behind me is doing. maybe y’all have a different rear camera setup, but mine only comes on when i’m in reverse (standard factory reverse camera). not even a question for me.

I don’t have my GFC yet (hopefully next month), but did not order windows. Before making that decision, I drove around with the rear view mirror tilted up so I couldn’t use it as a test. It didn’t bother me, so I didn’t order windows.

Like @2ayne, I also would like to remove the rear view all together to increase visibility out the windshield. My backup cam screen is in the rear view, so I will have to sort that out.

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My camera only comes on in reverse.
However I drive a vehicle daily that doesn’t have rear windows or a rear view from the factory.

Side mirrors get me by just fine.
Backup camera is for reversing.

My backup cam in on the dash screen. The only thing my 17 taco does is tell my direction of travel, open garage doors I don’t have and block my view out of the windshield sometimes.

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Will you still use the truck as a truck? Then front window is pretty awesome.

I find it useful when I have a large load in the bed or something to be able to see it.

I don’t actually need the back window but it’s nice.

If factory cargo light is the light at the top/rear of the cab that you can control via on/off switch or by doors opening, then it helps mildly. Turning it on/off can allow me to see about six inches into the GFC when it is dark. If the dogs are by the window (they usually are) I can see their faces. I’m working on finishing up my “house” electrical system and will be able to remotely turn on/off lights inside the GFC from my phone in the cab.

No windows for me. My current Colorado ZR2 has a topper with no windows, I prefer this so I am not blinded at night by headlights (very sensitive eyes) and so people can’t see in.

Please consider sharing the details when finished. I have never heard of lights being controlled by a phone! I would pay some good money for that ability.

I am using an SPOD Bantam in my house electrical system. The SPOD provides the ability to control 8 circuits. I’ll have things such as running lights, camping lights, internal lights, fridge, etc hooked up to their own circuit. SPOD has an app for my phone that allows me to toggle these on and off along with using physical buttons.

I haven’t updated my build thread in a while, but I will in a week or two once the next phase is complete.

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I have both windows and I am very glad I went down that route and would highly recommend it.

I do wish that the GFC window by the cab had the ability to open so I can utilize the power back window in my Tacoma for hauling longer items like sprinkler pipes or wood and for my dog who is in the back when out and about…

If anyone has ideas or insight into making that possible… that would be greatly appreciated.


What are people’s thoughts on driving with the rear panel open so that longer items can be hauled? Any concern with the hinges?

I got both windows. I enjoy the visibility. Rear window was tinted for thermal, security, and privacy.

Totally a subjective call based on your wants.

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I haul lumber that sticks out over the top of my tailgate (tailgate up because I have a swingout bumper) all the time. I just use some paracord or bungee cords to hold the rear panel down so it is parallel to the ground.