Recovery Panels mounted on to GFC side panels

Does anyone have any pics or info about mounting recovery panels to the GFC side panel? I don’t want to keep them there full time, but I’d like a quick put up and hit the road solution.Thanks

Hey Matty,

Pretty much any solution (that I can think of) will require a more permanent mounting option. I currently have Maxtrax on my panels mounted using the mounting pin set from Maxtrax. I drilled 4 holes in the panel and mounted them in that way. Fair warning, drilling holes in the panels will void that specific panels warranty.

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Way too rich for my blood but if money were no object, this is what I would mount to the side panels…


Did you upgrade the gas struts? If so which ones. Been thinking about upgrading them to be able to hang a wetsuit off the open panel.

I haven’t yet, I just nam gonna go with the same company that makes the struts already on it

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Did you use the 17mm or 40mm pins? And did you put any sort of bracket/reinforcement on the back side of the panel? I’m thinking the 17 would work, but wondering if going with the 40 would give me more margin for error. Debating on putting some flat bar on the back or just larger washers to spread out the weight.

I just used the hardware the kit came with. I didn’t even realize they had 2 sizes but I used the 40mm ones

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Purchased the pins to mount on my panel but haven’t drilled to install them yet. Giving a different solution a try for a bit:

Can access them from the outside if the bed is loaded and avoids putting the extra weight on the door. Doesn’t look as cool :laughing: but should be just as functional.


Come up with a cool “Overland Pro” name for the zip ties, and sell them for $75, LOL!

I am thinking something along those lines, too. I like the idea of out of the bed, easy to grab. I’ll probably use Nylon webbing though, with cheap buckles from Amazon. Total cost about $2 or so, as I got the buckles and webbing in volume.


Ha! That is a great idea. If anyone wants to buy them from me for $75 I’ll definitely sell them - I’ll even get an Overland Pro sticker put on them.

For the non-brand conscious you can find them here:


I’ve had the expo panels mounted for over a year. They’re great. I haven’t upgraded the gas struts yet because I don’t know what kind I need. If anyone knows, please chime in! Rarely use the side panels so it’s not a huge pain point for now.

Over the years we have mounted Amazon knock off ones and are now running proper maxtrax. We have posted about both mounting systems here. Prefer the maxtrax pins so much than our previous setup.