Regional Sticker Share

I made these GFC SoCal stickers to share. My plan is to give them away to any GFC I come across, or anyone visiting who wants one. If you are in LA or traveling through, I will gladly hand you one. Perhaps other groups will create their own designs as well.


Id rock that on my rig! In im LA!

DM me over your address. I am doing one mailing of them sometime early next week. Let me know what color you want, of the two types here.

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I’m in Santa barbara, but travel through la often. Keep an eye out.

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Sounds great! I was just up in your neck of the woods dorking around at Mondos for the day 2 weeks ago. Bunch of families, little kids surfing, that kind of thing.

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Would love one! The design is rad! I’m Riverside. We should set up a camping trip for all the local GFC people and have some fun!

Those are badass, my dude. :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


Got my stickers in the mail and already rocking the green one! See you all real soon at the GFC la meet up in November!

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DM me your address. I will endeavor to mail more out at some point.

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