Request: Tacoma GFC measurements (v1-v3)

If anyone has a minute and a tape measure, I would really appreciate a couple measurements. I called GFC and they told me my Colorado V1 camper would fit on any Tacoma, but someone just made me question that.

The following measurements would be super helpful:

  • Height from bed side rail to the bottom of the tent assembly (trying to figure out if it will clear the cab)

  • Height from bedside rail to the highest point on the cab (including and excluding the shark fin antenna)

  • Width from bedrail to bedrail

  • width from GFC lower side tube to side tube (sits on the bed rail)

Thank you in advance for your help!

Confirmed with GFC the measurements for the V1 Platform tent and the fact that the Colorado version is backwards compatible with Tacomas of all generations. In case others are interested, the height between the bedrail to the bottom of the tent is 23 7/8" on the Tacoma (and pretty much the same for my Colorado.

Some other rough dimensions that I got from @khm293 (for the good of the group):

  • Bedrail to Bedrail (interior): ~ 57" x 73.5"

  • Bedrail to Bedrail (exterior): ~ 64.5" x 77"

  • Height from side bedrail to top of cab: ~ 20.75" (front rail is lower than the sides, but the camper sits on the side rail)

Thank you again for taking those measurements @khm293! Appreciate your help!

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Hey how did your install go (v1 from Chevy colorado to shortbed Tacoma)??
I might be in the same situation very soon- fingers crossed!
Thanks for any advice!

@Pbeitz, I have a V1 that was originally on a 3rd gen Tacoma, then a Colorado, and most recently a 2nd gen Tacoma. On the move from the Colorado to the 2nd gen Tacoma I had to replace the seal at the tailgate with the taller one that’s is available on the GFC website but no other modifications were needed.

Depending on what the original owner has for the mounts, you may need to order the proper ones to go from the Colorado to the Tacoma as well.

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That Colorado is so sick

It was one of Relentless Fabrications shop trucks. All their builds are sweet. I’m happy that the person who bought it didn’t want the GFC. Relentless had a V2 GFC on their shop Gladiator (which is also sweet) so they didn’t move this over to one of their Tacomas.