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Hi Chris,

Quick question. What do you recommend I lubricate the ultralatch with? I was wondering why it was so hard to open and close and someone recommended greasing it with the same thing I would use on bearings. I used a garage door lubricant and it is worlds easier to close now. Is there something better I should be using? Thanks for any help.

Yes- that’s the point I’m trying to make…Hooking up to the stock hitch. No shaking. It’s the swingate that shakes (not the Pivot).

@r_duchene, my spare tire on a swingout moves around a bit and it’s only ≈75lbs and mounted in tight to the swingout. I couldn’t imaging the extra movement with 130+lbs hanging out so far on a huge lever like that.

Hey there!

You can use Tri-Flow lubricant. It is mess free and will keep your latch operating smoothly.

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