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Hi Chris,

Quick question. What do you recommend I lubricate the ultralatch with? I was wondering why it was so hard to open and close and someone recommended greasing it with the same thing I would use on bearings. I used a garage door lubricant and it is worlds easier to close now. Is there something better I should be using? Thanks for any help.

Yes- that’s the point I’m trying to make…Hooking up to the stock hitch. No shaking. It’s the swingate that shakes (not the Pivot).

@r_duchene, my spare tire on a swingout moves around a bit and it’s only ≈75lbs and mounted in tight to the swingout. I couldn’t imaging the extra movement with 130+lbs hanging out so far on a huge lever like that.

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Hey there!

You can use Tri-Flow lubricant. It is mess free and will keep your latch operating smoothly.

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Hi Gary! I saw your truck with the box on the swing out in my neighborhood and definitely admired it how it looks. If at all possible Id love to see how you did this so I can replicate some of this. Im a few blocks down from you. You’ve probably seen my brown F450 in PB.


Hey Guys and Gals!

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