Roof Rack on Cab

The Prinsu cab rack will not clear under the camper, especially off-road where the bed and cab flex independently and will cause the rack to contact the camper. Prinsu does make the habitat rack which fits in front of the camper. Gage @gmartin284 also makes a rack and from what I can see of the product and company, we highly recommend it.

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Thx…I’ve been wanting to email Torrey about that for at least a month now but hated to add to the pile. Plan B it is :+1:

Torrey is actually no longer with the company, she has (unfortunately for us and fortunately for her) moved on to bigger and better things. Taylor will be filling in for her until we can get someone to cover a lot of her workload and he and I will spearhead customer service, sales and warranty.

super stoked on my martin off road rack @gmartin284
note - on stock bed caps.

Cut down Prinsu Accessrac. Haven’t had a chance to flex out yet, hopefully I cut enough.

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Have a Prinsu Habitat on mine. The guys at GFC notched it out for better clearance. Works great.

What sort of things could you mount on it? I’ve thought about it but doesn’t seem big enough to mount anything of value.

I have room for maxtrax and a road shower.

I have a 100w solar panel slightly below the rails of my prinsu. Used it that way before my gfc was finished. If I really had to I guess I could still strap who knows what to it.

i have maxtrax, and perhaps have room for a solar panel, or something but its def not alot of room

More room that you’d have with a vagabond… :wink:


Just ordered my @gmartin284 rack :grinning:

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Before notching our what did it look like? I just can’t justify selling my cab rac And buying a habitat instead of cutting it to fit if you have to cut the habitat too.

What is the expected lead time for @gmartin284 rack?

If memory serves me right it was 2-3 weeks.

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He told me two weeks but got shipping confirmation in 8 days.

Any chance he makes one for the Colorado?

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There was an 1/8 to 1/4 gap between the top of the rack and bottom of the GFC, which we thought could come into contact if there was enough tweakage between cab and bed.

There’s the picture of the access rack cut down, it would just be a little longer cut with a cab rack.

got the maxtrax mounts setup on the rack…