Rover Forge - (WeBoost mount and other stuff)

Some of you saw my other thread on the WeBoost mount and Cradle. I’ve got a store up now and a reliable manufacturing partner! (@jedgar). Here is the original thread

I’ll keep this thread updated with the latest. Currently the store is up over at

Some of the things I’ve made for the GFC are things that I wanted, and realized others would want as well!

Booster for GFC (WeBooster Overland Mounting Point)

Booster Cradle

Six mount for Wolfbox Rear View Camera

Wire Clips

I’ve shared this model for the community, but if you need some printed reach out to me. Or, there are some other makers on here with printers too that could probably help you out. I include some with any of the other items from the store.

I’ve got a couple of other things I’m working on and I’ll share them here as they pass testing. I might also post up here asking for Testers. And, if you have ideas let me know!

Lastly, if something you bought from me broke, I’ll replace it. One condition, you tell me how it broke so I can see if I can make it better!

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You should make the cradle compatible with a rubber strap like these. Then you could actively hold it down for those who actually GF in their GFCs :slight_smile: I would do it, but I don’t have a weboost so the project is not super compelling for me haha

However, if anyone on here needs things printed, feel free to hit me up as a vendor. I sell internal to the camper zip-tie cable mounts on etsy and am happy to help out people without printers.

I thought about that. I’m using the spring tension to put a little bit of downward pressure. I haven’t had any problems in the desert or down in Baja at speed or in rough terrain.

That’s good to hear! I personally have no idea how fragile those are, so if it generally has some tension from the spring and it’s tough, maybe a non-issue. I drive pretty hard so that’s where my worry came from.

Looks well made either way! Glad you used pahtcf - lots of people skimping out on some pretty necessary heat resistance. PETG doesn’t cut it for stuff that is going to be in the sun haha

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Thanks! I went with PAHT-CF so it would hold up. It takes a ton of pressure to break these things. Far more than needed to cradle the antenna. And it’s held up in the sun now for 9+ months!