Weboost Mount

I wasn’t really sure where to put this as it’s a work in progress. I have been modeling and making some things for my truck and camper. And some of them I’ve actually had milled out of aluminum. My cousin is a machinist and he will throw small things on for me on the weekend (Super lucky there)

This is something that isn’t entirely specific to my truck but something I thought the group at large would be interested in. This is the first rough, I’ve already got a V2 in the works that will be two pieces to bolt together to keep costs down. I’m curious if there is an interest from any of you and if so, what would you pay for it? If I have enough people I can setup a run to at least cover costs and maybe by myself a cheeseburger at first.

The antenna Weboost mount could be mounted either front/back or side/side. I was going to mount it on the Beef Rack Bar (and may still temporally) but I thought if I built a mount like this it would be lower profile. And could actually hide behind a Beef Rack Bar or other rack.


If I had the weboost overland mounting bracket I would be very interested in this product. Weboost charges $120 for the bracket by itself so I would think less than that.

Great idea by the way. I think you might also have interest in a mount for the starlink antenna if you have access to model that one. I don’t have starlink I’ve just seen a couple builds posted where they drilled through the roof to mount it (which is fine but I bet there are people that don’t want to do that).

Edit: I think I was thinking of this cool DIY that actually uses aluminum angle and doesn’t penetrate the roof.


Yours looks great and I agree with the post above that this type of bracket can be of use for multiple items without having to make any permanent mods.

I have a neighbor that runs a fab shop and he cut and bent this piece of aluminum for me. Same concept. Ignore the comically long bolts as those are what I had laying around that fit.

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Can’t believe WeBoost charges that much just for the mount. Overland tax!

Well, my cousin is going to machine one for me. The angle aluminum seems to do the trick! But I’m going to go with my overbuilt one because I can.

Ok, I’ve got the aluminum versions. I might make a mount for the stabilizer part if there is interest.

Going to take the leap and get them anodized and for sale if people are interested.


I’d take one (even as is). How much?

Nice & clean. I like it.

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$80 raw? I’m still waiting on my quote for anodizing so haven’t really priced them out to the end.

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