Rumpl or other down blanket?

Anyone using a down blanket instead of a sleeping bag? They look nice but I worry that they wouldn’t be warm enough and laying on the mattress would be cold without a layer under you. Anyone have any experience with them?


I’m a big fan of quits for backpacking and camping. The mattress is your bottom insulation. Any down in a sleeping bag under you is compressed and not really providing any warmth, its just extra weight to carry.

I recommend Enlighten Equipment for light weight quilts, they have many options, including sewn and adjustable foot boxes.

I have a Rumpl I use at home as a throw blanket and we love it, and I was planning to get one for the GFC when I get mine.


I also have a Rumpl blanket and have used for tent/car camping while waiting for GFC. Recommended. As an aside, we don’t really care for their pillows.

We use a rumpl in the GFC and are very happy with it. We also have two bag liners, that way one of us can choose to be a little warmer.

In summer I sleep with just the bag liner as a blanket.

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We are using the Exped Versa Duo quilt with a sheet and a wool blanket. It gives a lot of freedom of movement, makes it easy to kick off some layers if you get warm, and I was very comfortable down to 30F last weekend. I’ll move back toward sleeping bags as it gets colder because this quilt is only rated to 40-50F…and because the blanket/quilt is more air volume to warm up initially and keep warm (particularly when solo). But until it gets quite cold, I definitely prefer the quilt.


We used to use sleeping bags in our RTT and GFC but recently bought a Double Sized Rumpl (non down) and love it. Sleeping bags always seemed uncomfortable to us and became a pain in the ass.
I can close the sent on this if I want.
Camped at about 50° with it and it’s awesome and packs up small and light.


I’ll add another vote for the Rumpl. I have the down puffy blanket 2 person and it has kept us warm at below freezing temps. I have the fitted sheets on the GFC and our setup is typically fitted sheets, queen size bed sheet to lay on, another queen sheet to lay under (I prefer sheets on skin vs rumpl), and then rumpl on top. I’m use to sleeping cold with winter mountaineering, but if my gf gets cold I have another 1 person rump we throw on top of her or across our feet. With the v2 tent version you probably have room to leave it all up top when closing up too. I typically let them air out while we cook breakfast then throw them in the stuff sacks and leave the sheets up top.


I also use an extra large Rumple blanket and leave it up there folded in half with 2 deflated REI camp pillows. (New style cloth and thinner foam.)
It’s worked great so far and I’ve found that the extra large blanket is so large that a partner is highly unlikely to hog the whole thing.


There you have it, Josh. Rumpl for the win! Haha.

Mine showed up today. Looking forward to trying it out at the Vermont overland rally this weekend.

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Another rumpl fan here. We’ve got the two person synthetic and really like it. For colder nights I also got a two person Nemo puffin which has a foot box. I put some snaps on both blankets so they can be snapped together to avoid having one blanket migrate away during the night.


You get a down or synthetic?
I’d like to purchase a two person down sometime.
We have another that is a throw that we got for $50 when they had that big mystery sale.

Down. Wow $50 is a steal

The sale didn’t last but a few hours. They wanted to get rid of inventory before the new “eco friendly” blankets dropped.
They were selling mystery blankets at $50. Any size any material it was completely random. We ended up with a throw sized arches themed blanket for around the house.
Paid more like $150 for the double synthetic one.

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We are going to be using the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed Duo 35. If it gets too cold we will double up with sleeping bags. Although it looks like it may not get a lot of use until next spring - winter is coming later this week. :\

I keep two Rumpl blankets in my tent on the JKU so I don’t have to worry about packing. Works great and I love the down Rumpl blankets.

I looked at Rumpl but ended up going with the Kammock Firebelly. 750 down fill rated to 30°, 88"×54" and with the snaps can be turned into a mimimalist sleeping bag. Pricier than Rumpl but I thought it was a better product.

I’ve used a Big Agnes down comforter for years with an RTT, and now with the GFC. I believe they were out of production, but have now returned with basically the same product. I didn’t see the size listed for the Dotsero, but the old version is very large.

I doubt there’s much difference in down comforters in this class, so find one on sale and be happy. I’d prefer a Western Mountaineering Cloud 9, but if I really need that much insulation, I’ll be in a bag anyway.

I bought the Rumpl double blanket for my wife and I on our last road trip. They work great but she loves to pull the covers over to herself. I’m thinking about getting a double sleeping bag for those extra cold nights

I’m tempted to try this economy goose down comforter from Costco…$110.