Rust on front bar/driver rear water drip point

Anyone showing some good signs of rust? The water drip over the rear driver side door has been a pain in the ass since I got the GFC, but now showing a good amount of rust in there somewhere. Anyone deal with this? The front bar is also showing signs of rust. This is #296. Have had it since august 2019.

Maybe @GFC_Taylor can chime in on this?

That looks like the old style bar that trapped water and did rust on the inside. GFC recommended spraying Boeshield in there. You need to replace those bars with the new style ones that don’t trap water and don’t rust. GFC should replace those for you (they did for me) and there are videos on how to remove and replace them.


I had the same problem but with the rear bar. It got rusted to the point I couldn’t open the camper. Luckily I was able to get the bars swapped out for the new bars relatively quickly. I’d definitely shoot GFC an email.


I didn’t realize the upgraded the bar. Thanks guys. I’ll shoot them an email.


Thanks for the heads up @crazyfingers. This is indeed the older steel grab bar, which has since been upgraded to an aluminum bar. We do recommend regular Boeshield treatments to prevent corrosion, but cases such as this typically warrant replacement/upgrade.

@Shmatty shoot an email to support, it’ll come through to me and I’ll get your warranty claim started. :muscle:


Sounds good. Sent you guys an email this morning. Thanks!

You guys have instructions on how to swap these bars out or is it pretty self explanatory?


Awesome! Thanks for posting this.