Show me your drawers!

moving up from a topper to a GFC V2. yay!!! I’m drawing up a drawer system and looking for ideas. 2019 Toyota DCLB
We’re thinking cook stove/ storage on drivers side, fridge and pantry/storage on passenger side.
I would like to move fridge up to the front. Do you think access will be good enough with the camper side open. My reasoning is better weight balance between fridge and fuel tank and wife can just hop out and access her Dr Pepper whenever the need arises, or fetch me a beer. don’t really want the fridge in the back because it would seem to close off the entrance coming from the tailgate. need to make it easy on 60 year old knees.

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Check out @WVTRDPro setup. He has had a few different drawer setups.

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Thanks @LBS_TRDadventures, I’ve gone through a few iterations of drawers in the bed of my Tundra. My first two versions were driven by the fact that I wanted to carry a bike in the bed of my truck without having to take the wheels off so I needed some open bed space. My first version also included a bench that folded down to accommodate another sleeping platform. I’ve now landed on a full drawer setup across the whole bed since I can now carry a bike on my rear bumper again. If you have any questions regarding any of mine just give me a shout. I too had the weight distribution thought when I just ran a single drawer on one side of my bed. I felt like I was overloading one side.

Version 1:

Version 2:

Current Build (and hopefully final):


I too have the 60++ body. I have a diy shelf that stops about 27" from the tailgate. Does 2 things. 1. This makes it much easier to climb up into the tent through the truck bed opposed to the the smaller opening left when one has full drawers in the bed. And 2. My fridge is on a tilt slide. The frig can be slide/tilted/and fully accessed with the tailgate closed. Just something to consider.

Thanks for all the replies. yep lots to consider. right now we are in the planning stages. I measured out the bed and taped out a space on the shop floor. I have started placing things where I think they will fit and making cardboard cutouts or boxes to represent things like the fridge that are just too heavy or inconvienent to be pushing around. lets us play around with ideas before we cut a board. kinda like playing Jango.