Show me your solar set up

Thanks, @Vice_Chief - my plan is to run my panels in parallel too, primarily because of the potential shading issue but hadn’t heard of including an inline diode. Definitely adding them to my build-out.

Concur on the solar cutoff switch being necessary - I have cut-off switches for each of the batteries and the solar panels.

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  • You can save some space and wiring by going with a switch panel with integrated fuses, replace both the switches and fuse block with one part. Check out Bluesea Weatherdeck or similar.
  • For the solar you can get an MC4 inline fuse that can replace your fuse block.

  • Personally, I would not even bother with the disconnect switches. Just pull the SB50 Anderson plugs instead (As long as they are accessible).They are rated for hot plugging up to 50a.

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Re: installing those switches, I think I just saw @hota installing them.

Each device will specify the fuse required, the amperage of the device will determine the gauge of wire. Your components are similar to mine - check out my post above a month ago. This was my initial wiring diagram:

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Thanks, I will do that. Also need to make a little bracket to mount a side light below the awning.

A note on this Blue Sea Weatherdeck panel - when I installed mine switch 2 was blowing the fuse. I traced the short to an issue with the Blue Sea unit itself. The jumper wire for the #2 switch backlight is a couple mm from the board ground terminal, was close enough to short it seems or there is a soldering error that isnt visable. Im not using switch backlight so I just disconnected it, works fine - no short. I contacted Blue Sea via email, no response yet.

Such a nicely made diagram, what software did you use to create this?

Thanks, I use drawio (for work and pleasure) as a free mac app, also available via website.


@hota do the switches change color red/green when on or off? Do you have a picture of the back wiring? I’ll look at how mine is wired.


Ill grab a photo, I believe the label windows just go red when energized. Not an issue ultimately since I dont use the backlight but still frustrating a premium panel like this has a short.

Hey @Chuck.D

Here is a link to my thread where I have photos of what is going on.