Show your setup - how is your power station mounted and/or strapped down?

howdy fellow gfc owners w/ power stations in your truck bed. looking for a solution on getting it semi-permanently mounted ,but still removable. objective is to have it power misc. items in the truck bed without concerns for the unit rolling around when driving/off-roading. one idea I had was to use velcro straps, but finding a good, flat mounting surface can be a challenge.

any ideas? seems like there would be a market for a mounting system given all the setups out there with 12v and solar feeding into power station, and power station running fridge, etc.

I don’t know how large your power station is, but Velcro might not be strong enough.

I use these:

I have an Inergy Flex 1500 with two batteries. I have it tied down to the plywood subfloor of my interior setup. Works great!

I have this setup that works pretty well for my Goal Zero. You just bolt the plate down then the cam strap makes for easy secure attachment. The power station feet index into the holes which really locks it in solid and it just takes a few seconds to remove.


I can’t say enough about @jedgar 's products! Great workmanship and fantastic customer service!!

I got mine recently and it’s well made! I may buzz off the outboard tabs so I can fit it into a tighter spot. It will end up looking like the picture with the battery on it. I figure the four inboard bolts will be enough.

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I have two nylon straps, one on the front, one on the rear of power station. The straps can be cinched tight and go through the handles of the Ecoflow power station. One goes to the “D” ring on bed of truck (Tacoma) and the other strap goes to slider connector on side of truck bed. I sewed the straps myself & placed Fastex buckles on them but any nylon strap or cord with cord tightener should work. I’ve found it’s a suitable arrangement for rough or very rough roads; the power station moves around a little but because of where it’s positioned the small movement is fine. As can be seen in the photo all the wiring is protected and contained in a compartment behind the power station.