Ski rack woes………

Hey dude,

So I learned where I have my racks mounted, further to the back to not block my solar panel. That when I have 3 pairs of skis on there, the tent won’t stay up. Not sure if it’s because it’s cold; or maybe my struts are tired. There’s no way my 3 pairs of skis exceed the max weight GFC states. Have you tried raising the tent with multiple skis?

At this point, it was useless to get this rack because I had to take my skis off…the whole reason I bought them. :joy:

For what it is worth mine struggles to stay up in the summer with a 38lb paddle board on it. I think unless the weight is really forward on the roof you may be out of luck. Maybe do some strut locks to save the winter camping fun?

LOL, stoner…this was supposed to be a Message to @dfinn I can only assume what happened :joy:

That’s what I’ve got going on now. I just put all three up there and used my load secure bar to hold the tent up.

Now the key is to not forget it’s there :joy:


I’ve found that I can’t leave much weight up there in the winter, the struts seem to be weaker in the cold. In the summer I’ve been able to leave a couple of kayaks up there but in the winter I usually take one of the smaller panels and use that to prop up the roof at night.

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Yep… I have the same issues… struts are useless in the wintertime… I only have beef bars and two solar panels…. Well less than 75 pounds up there and it collapses every single time I open it unless I prop it


Found this thread of which most of us already looked at in the spring :joy:. How we forget over the summer, eh?

There is an option, but further down on that thread @GFC_Support says that ‘GFC does NOT recommend changing them out as it could shear the strut mounts.’

So, looks like my load secure bar is a good solution or the PVC trick I believe @chuckd suggested last year.

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If you can, keep the weight forward and closest to the wedge. I had 3 Beef Racks and a Big Sky Box and could definitely notice the weight since it runs the length of the roof. Running a telescopic pole like a load secure bar to distribute the load in the rear is your best bet.


Thanks Calder, I really regret the orientation that I put my solar on the roof. Really pigeon holes me if my canoe or skis are on the truck. Some real middle class struggles :joy:

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I’ll have to confirm that my tent doesn’t have the 150lb struts but mine will hold up the cargo box with two pairs of skis in it.

My issue is the rear panel/window on the shell doesn’t stay open in the cold.

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Yeah, the key is they need to be forward on the wedge. My solar panel would be covered in that case. Although, honestly the 100w solar up here in the central interior of BC that panel is useless in the winter :joy:

So maybe I’ll swing them forward and try that out.

Here’s the solution :metal:

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Nice! Enjoy the skiing man!

Got a link to that? The only ones I’ve seen around here are the one with the ratchet handles and I don’t want that

Sorry for the late reply @OverlandKyle I got them at Canadian Tire. I’ll try to track down a link.

How about a shaft coller?

I’ve been using 2 of these on the outside corners for a while. They are the ratchet type, but still very compact when closed. They fit under my back seat.

It gets the tent really tight and it cuts the wind noise almost to nothing and having the walls nice and snug just works better. The screens and doors open much smoother. I just have 2 mini vice grips on the bottom to prevent them from sliding out.


Hey just making sure I understand you correctly… the rear panel that sits flush with your truck bed won’t even stay open in the cold? Thanks

I would be happy with a lock lever on the struts, I am sure someone with a mill candy create some… I don’t have a mill…just ideas and a 3d printer that is once again angering me.

You’re right… I’m being far too polite…… I gave GFC quite an earful about an unrelated issue about a year ago regarding customer service and they actually improved for awhile but seems to be hit or miss again

The cycle continues…… still hopeful though!

Correct @jono, my issue is the rear panel at the tailgate. I have a V1 that I purchased used and I’m not sure if the struts are just at the end of their service life (I would expect these to last 10+ years though) or if this has always been the case. Maybe I should just replace them with a stronger strut? This is what’s in there now.