Solar Roof Vent Install

Follow along as I void my warranty! :smiley:

We’ve had our GFC since November and condensation has been something that hasn’t been a highlight. I’ve seen some posts from people posting RV vents but I didn’t think we’d need something that big so we went with a Solatek Marine Solar Powered Fan (with battery!)

It took about 15 minutes to do the install. It’s pretty low profile and looks like it’s supposed to be on there so I’m pretty happy! One thing I noticed in other people’s post was the cleanup. So I taped a box inside and pretty much had zero cleanup. Just had to remove the box!z

It helped having the circle cutter for the Dremel. And I went ahead and used the screws that came with the fan as they didn’t go all the way through (I tested on the hole piece that came out)


That is a great looking option. Any issue closing the tent with all the bed pieces in place?


No issues. Granted I don’t have the stock mattress in there right now. I’ve got a Hest Dually. So there is some room. But I don’t think it would be a problem with the stock setup.

How effective has this been for controlling your condensation problem.

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Looks off center :thinking: haha JK JK. Nice write up! Condensation can definitely be an issue, like the solar powered idea. Got me thinking ….


Haha! I must have measured 8 times. I may be off center by 1/16th of an inch. :slight_smile:


I don’t know yet, but I’ll report back after we spend a night in it. Hopefully it works great!


Curious to hear your thoughts after testing it

This is actually incredibly clean and looks like a factory option.


Will it let water in if its raining outside? How is it protected from letting rain in? Can it be closed off?

Rain can’t get in. It’s shaped like a hood. And it is actually designed for boats so I’d be surprised if rain easily got in.

You use silicon sealant between the foam and the vent and the roof.

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Camping in a couple weeks along the coast. So I’m sure we will get to test it out!

Thanks! I’ll definitely give it a look.

Awesome! Would appreciate a link to the fan you installed.

Here you go.

SOLATEK Solar Ventilation Fan…


I posted about the 12 vdc 6 1/4" fan I installed.

Thanks for posting about this fan!
I ordered one and will swap it out next week after this weekends off-roading event.

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Your post actually inspired me to look for options. Being in a port town the first thing that came to mind is how do boats ventilate.

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I am from West Palm Beach FL and now live in Nashville. I looked but did not see this one.
It just arrived and I will check it out next week and compare them.

The one I installed is flimsy, only blows out and needs 12vdc.

The only concern I have with this one is airflow because it is not a squirrel cage fan.
But that may not be an issue. I’ll know more after comparing them.

The big plus is solar!

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Love this idea.

For thouse of you balking at the price, if you dig around a little in amazon there are similar units for much cheaper.
Cheaper is always cheaper but if thats what you want, they are around…

Ultra-Fab Products 53-945001 Mini Solar Plumbing Vent

Just one option.

Thanks for the thought and share @m0to

Thanks for sharing your install. Great option for moisture removal and ventilation.