Solar setups for Camper

Does anyone have tips for location/placement of panels and equipment used that would be sufficient to power a diesel heater and a fridge. Since I’m a noob easier setups the better

Hey Barry!
Welcome to the forum! There is a posting on solar panel setups that may help answer your question(s).
One thing you will notice is that this group is resourceful and willing to share information with one another.

That thread has a ton of info, but how involved/permanent are you trying to get? The simplest setup would be a larger portable battery pack like a Jackery 1000 or larger with one or two of their fold out solar panels. Buy it, chuck it in the truck and you’re done. Otherwise you will be looking at buying, mounting and wiring several separate components by yourself.

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You’ll need to figure out how many amps youll need to power up the heater. That will help determine your battery size needs. Then for solar, you need to ask yourself if you want to use your beef bars just to hold solar panels or use them to strap stuff to, which will help determine where you’re mounting your panels and how many. As far as wiring, do you want to drill a hole on the roof, run it all the way down and around which is uglier but removable. It will all be controlled by a MPPT controller, some batteries have it built in like the goal zero. Hope this helps

Diesel heaters need electricity to run? Sorry I’m unfamiliar with them.

Yes they do. Not a lot but they do require it for the fuel pump and the glow plug(s).

Tagging in. I had to get rid of my Goal Zero because it would shut down during startup of my planar. It works with a Jackery 500 but I’d like to figure out a better system with additional 12v ports

I have 2 renogy 100w flexible panels vhb taped to my roof, wires run to the front and drilled, covered with a 2 port gland. All powered by a goal zero 1000x. I only have a iceco 42l fridge running with half filled soda at 38*F. Is my use a 3rd of the total power for the night, which is replenished but the next day before lunch.