SOLD: 2015-2022 Colorado/Canyon 6ft Long Bed V2 GFC - Las Vegas, NV


Putting this up as a feeler for now. I have a trip planned in a couple weeks, then this will actually be available ~Feb 20, 2023.

GFC #1292 - July 2021
6ft Long Bed 2015-2022 Colorado/Canyon
Will fit both ExCab and CrewCab long bed
Optional side doors on tent
Optional front and rear windows
Three GFC Awning mounts (Will include OVS 270LT for $500)
GFC Flannel Sheets w/ two extra small square sheets
Original foam replaced with 1" thicker (3") and softer foam
Dual LED Strip lights (red and white) on side doors, rear hatch and interior overhang
2x100W Top Solar flexible solar panels VHB’d to roof
Tinted rear window
Relfectix added to side and front panels, as well as roof
Amazon special Grab handles, rear and passenger side
Velcro added to bottom of tent flaps for wind draft control
Duluth Backseat Bunker organizer
Handful of extra 1/4" and #10 GZila T-Nuts included

$6500 with OVS Awning

Nothing wrong with it, I just have a Hiatus Camper scheduled for early April pickup, and do not have a place to store this after I get the Hiatus, hence the low price.

Willing to travel/deliver if it’s worth my time ($). Not interested in trades, lower offers or selling the awning separately.

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Nice setup! Did the reflectix make a difference? How did you attach it?

Yes, it made a difference. One of my first nights was in 25 degrees and I could feel the cold radiating off the panels. The reflectix eliminated that. Same during the brutal 115 degree summer days. The outside of the panel was way too hot to touch, but you can keep your hand on the reflectix, no problem. It’s held on with ducting foil tape.


Hey - any idea if this would fit a 2015 Tacoma 6ft bed?

I’m like 80% sure the V2 is model specific, so it probably won’t fit any Tacoma. But asking GFC directly would be your best bet for confirmation.

Not entirely true. I purchased my V2 from a GFC employee for my 1st Gen Tacoma with 6’ bed and it was originally on a 2021 GMC Canyon.

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That’s good to know. What did you do about the hatch? Does it overhang? I know mine is slightly rounded while the Taco is straight.

Regardless, if anyone wants to check different trucks, contact GFC directly.


Would love to purchase this for my 6ft taco- based in northern New Mexico, driving up to slc for a ski trip in early March so our times could work.

Let me know-
(423) 534 2034

I am very interested in this for my 2018 Colorado, ext cab. Let me know if someone doesn’t snag it first. Willing to pickup in vegas.

@Rufus Can you please call GFC and confirm fitment on your truck? Someone has made it work, but I’m not comfortable selling you something until they confirm you will not have problems doing the “retrofit”.

@Jake_Bull_08 You are second in-line, pending the outcome of this ^^^.

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Good call- they confirmed the V2 is highly vehicle dependent and the fit just wouldn’t make sense. Thanks for the heads up Hogan!

So @Jake_Bull_08 sounds like you’re next in line!

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Thanks for confirming @Rufus Good luck on your search.

@Jake_Bull_08 I’ll start a DM with you and we can chat offline.

Camper is SOLD

Do you have any photos of the Colorado v2 on the Tacoma? Would love to see the actual result… having a hard to getting 100% conclusive evidence on how this works out.