Sold: FS: #246 Platform Camper 6’ bed Tacoma or Colorado - lots of extras

Selling my GFC Platform Camper. It was order #246 and has quite a few upgrades and add-ons:

  • Full LED lighting package upstairs and down
  • Maxxfan Mini for ultimate ventilation
  • 2 x 100 W (200W total) Renogy flexible solar panels mounted on the room and run into the camper
  • GFC StepUp steps from Josh Edgar Design
  • GFC Drip Rails from Josh Edgar Design
  • Back Seat Bunker organizer from Duluth Trading Company
  • GFC ladder
  • Side entry tent door
  • Factory installed Embassy Hinges
  • Factory installed aluminum grab bar
  • Red flannel sheets
  • Shitco awning brackets

I am in the Seattle area and have a relatively flexible schedule to meet. Save yourself a year long wait and be able to camp through the whole summer!

Price is $8,500

I’ll buy those drip things from ya if you are interested in selling those

Ah thanks for the offer, but I am going to keep it as a package.

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Is it still available? If so, I’m interested.

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Still available, although quite a bit of interest. Replied via PM.

Does this mean that the tacoma and colorado 6’ beds are close enough and the camper fits on either one?

This is specific to V1 campers: Colorado campers fit on Tacomas, but not the other way around. This is not due to dimensions, but instead has to do with the mounting feet on the Tacomas being put in a location that doesn’t fit the Colorado (not a problem the other way around).


Just ordered all necessary hardware and seals for a new install ($250 value). Those will be included with the sale.

Bump. Talking with two folks about selling currently, but nothing firm yet. Will move to Pending once at least a deposit is down.

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