SOLD: Kinsmen Hardware 270 Awning - Like New - Seattle area


Price drop to $1,800.

Looking to get this sold this weekend, so I am dropping the price to $1,800. Based on the interest I have had so far, this won’t last long. First one with the cash gets it!

Up for sale is a like-new Kinsmen Hardware 270 Degree Awning. I purchased, installed it, and used it a less than a handful of times, but decided to sell my GFC, so this is up for sale now as well.

I won’t go into depth about how amazing this awning is, but I will say that it is the ultimate awning for our campers - bomber, insanely fast to open/close (even the wife can easily do it), and provides ultimate coverage. In my opinion it is the Kinsmen 270 or bust.

Skip the 3+ month wait and have this awning for all your summer camping! Save yourself from the sun, rain, snow, and anything else that mother nature can throw at you! Plus, save on shipping!

Selling for $1,800 firm. I am in the Seattle area

Awning comes with all mounting hardware for any hinge type you have. I originally purchased the awning when I had the original living hinges and then purchased new mounting brackets that are compatible with the Embassy Hinge and aluminum grab bar. You will get both sets of hardware with the sale.

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That makes it the ultimate, not penultimate, which would be second best :wink:

GLWS. These really do look like the best made awnings out there.

Lol, good catch. Using words I don’t actually know the definition of .

Dropped the price to $2k flat.

R.7, could you tell me what cab rack you are using on the Colorado? Did you have to modify it to fit with the camper overhang?


It is the Prinsu Cab Rack for the Colorado. Here are some posts where I detailed a bit of what I did:

Overall, nice and easy if you are not afraid of using an angle grinder.

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Lot of interest, but no one has pulled the trigger yet! First come, first served.

Price dropped to $1,800. Ton of interest so far, but pretty flaky. Looking to have this gone by this weekend.

Pending sale now. Deposit in!

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Awning has been SOLD! Thanks all!