[SOLD] Space #1259 for Sale - $500

Hello All,

I need to sell my spot. I’m not looking for for a profit and would just like to get my deposit back. Thanks!

I have not made any customizations to this build and have started receiving emails from GFC for color options.

Potentially interested. Was in the works for another build spot that is much later so need to work through that. I messaged you directly

Hey there, when is the build date set for? Ill take it if you still have it-


Intense competition here! I’m a potential buyer too. I need it so badly.

I don’t mean to disrespectful of any members or the company, but I’m willing to pay the premium.
Please text me at (425) 633-9947. This is my backup/emergency phone & is currently turned off. I should be able to turn it on in two hours.
Appreciate it!

Forgot one thing. I need a camper set up on my 2021 short-bed Taco.

Just to update so you aren’t waiting on this. We messaged through DM and awaiting confirmation from GFC.

There was another spot being sold by Skratch here Deposit on build 1595 for sale $500

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