SOLD - V1 Tacoma DCSB (Seattle)

My V1.5 camper is now for sale. Have enjoyed it a lot but we are moving into something bigger as our family is growing. Have upgraded with the matt gecko lights red/white top and bottom.

Only signs of wear are some spotting on the metal from being out in the rain but I’ll clean that up good. Living in the PNW I have to clean this up every other month or so, but I’ve been slacking to be honest.

$6500 with drawers.
$6000 camper only.

In Snohomish, WA (Seattle area). Willing to deliver and help transfer within reasonable distance.

Link to build: Norn - 2019 TRD Pro #1058

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Hello, Do you still have this available?

Yup it is

Cool, do you have more pictures you could send to me?

All my photos are on the build link. What specifically more can I send you?

Thanks just noticed that. I am interested. Email me our phone number please.

Hi Norn!
This is great, I am interested in your setup. How far would you be willing to drive?



Is the tent fabric from gfc? Never seen black fabric like this one.

And does anyone know how much GFC charges for the front and back panels with the window?


Fabric is what came with the camper. I don’t know if black is not an option anymore but it was the default when I ordered it. Not sure on the window panels either, water and theft were my concerns when I chose the solid doors.

Hey, whats your email, looking at driving from Vancouver BC to check it out


Also would take $6000 without the drawers.

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Hi Norn,
Is this still available and if so, may I come and look at it? I live in N Seattle, thanks.

Yes an yes, sent you a PM

I sent you an email

I think I have the decked drawers sold, but the GFC is very much for sale.

Greetings! Is this unit still available? Looks good.

I think I saw your truck in Seattle today. Good looking truck! Good luck with the sale!

Hey Norm,
I am interested in your camper. I live on Whidbey Island and work in Seattle. if this is still available, i would love to find a time to see it.

SOLD. Thank you everyone for the interest