Southeast GFC OWNERS

Since our friends in the Mid Atlantic Region have identified the following States in the region: (NY/NJ/PA/MD/VA/NC).
Lets identify AL/FL/GA/KY/LA/MS/SC/TN/WVA as the Southeast Region. GFC owners in these States drop by and say hello. Lets share information and in time plan a meet up to get to know each other.


I’m from East TN, but here are a few pictures of my recent trip out west to Canyonlands NP and Colorado.


Those are great pictures and the rig looks awesome! I have some property in Dunlap and are down there often. Maybe we could meet up in one of those visits.
Thanks for posting and being part of the roll call!

Thanks, I know there used to be a few more GFC’s in TN. Hopefully they see this thread. I’d be up for a meet-up whenever we can work something out.

I’m based in Florida, but travel to North Carolina to our families cabin a few times a year.

My RTT V2 is in assembly now, so hoping to take it out and use it soon!

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Welcome! I am glad you checked in! Honestly you have a connection with both regions (Southeast and Mid Atlantic) for camping and Overlanding!
Let us know how your tent is coming and definitely share some pictures when it is installed.
Stay in touch with us and should you need some camping spots, please reach out.

Calling all Southeast GFC Owners!
show us your rig and make yourself known to the region.

New owner in Tampa.
drove to get my install first week of November.

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Hi Jim,
WELCOME to the South East Region! Your rig looks great with the GFC on it. Tampa! I lived there just prior to moving to Kentucky. Don’t be surprised if I reach out to you during my trip to Florida soon.
It would be great to meet you and the others that have said Hello on the site.

there is a decent chance you will see me in KY before I see you here.
my entire family is in Cincinnati and I drive up several times a year. always stop along the way to either hike or mountain bike (usually MTB). @Offroad_Gecko on IG look me up and get me a number ill keep in touch

Great Jim,
Let me know when you are coming to Cincinnati. I am located in Lexington. I sent you my contact info.

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Hi guys!
I just had my GFC installed a few weeks ago. I am in St Pete and looking forward to taking my GFC out with my boys. I am over in Tampa often so I would enjoy meeting up and comparing notes. I used to live in Cincinnati as well. Small world. Here are some pics.


Northern Kentucky/greater Cincinnati area.

Do a lot of stuff in eastern Kentucky.

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Welcome to the Southeast region! We are starting slow, but the region members are growing and stopping by. I am in Lexington, Kentucky. Lets keep the lines of communication open for a possible meetup in the next couple of months.

Roger that.

We found an awesome spot to camp/ light off road south of Boone national Forrest. Great spot. 30K+ acres of land.

Hey Rhinotaco,

Did you drove to Belgrade or had it ship? If you had it shipped, where did you get the install?

I am in Miami, so I am debating about driving to Belgrade or have it shipped down here.

Did you seal the bed before? Since we get a lot of rain here.



Hi Juanse,
I had to have it crated and shipped. It is more expensive but I couldn’t make the drive this time of year.

I had my bed sealed and put on new rail caps on my Tacoma. Definitely do this before install.

In order to have it shipped, you want to have it going to the install location. I had my mechanic do it here in St. Pete. They will need a fork lift at the very least. So don’t have it shipped to your house.

Fortunately my shipping and install worked perfectly here. The camper had no damage and my mechanic had no issues with installation. He just watched the GFC videos. I hope to go to Belgrade during the summer to check out GFC.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have other questions. I am still learning at this point. I have only had it for a month.


Maybe you and Rhinotaco (Ryan) can work something out with his mechanic to take delivery of the of the GFC camper and install it for you. It may be a viable alternative to driving to Belgrade at this time of the year. Having said this, going to Belgrade, Montana is a great trip and the people at GFC are a great group of folks.
I hope all will work out for you!

I’m in Pensacola, FL and will be ordering a Platform Camper in February. I will make the trip to Belgrade for the
install. I drive a 2019 Colorado ZR2 Bison. I also travel to Tampa often as my Dad lives in Weeki Wachee.

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Welcome to the Southeast region! Congratulations on your choice of a GFC Platform. You will enjoy your GFC. Small World, I have a son living in Pensacola and another in St. Petersburg.
If I could be of any assistance as you prepare to pickup your camper, let me know.

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