Starlink - Pros/Cons and power draw

As I’m testing my rig in the same capacity that I’m going to use it for courses. The Starlink, TV, and heater running my current draw is about 15A DC. Make sure you size your power system to facilitate this type of draw. In this case I’m luck to have shore power, but this setup would not be sustainable without that.

I’ve been doing some reading, it seems the consensus is to have a min of 400W of solar, and 200aH of battery power for constant use. This should enable you to operate off grid for prolonged time without the use to shore or DC to DC charging.

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Runs great off of my built in AC outlet in my 21’ Tacoma. I would love it if GFC had a mount for it. I’ll read the forum but will be looking for clever mounting ideas for sure.

@Buhlockaye makes a mount for the top of the tent.

For anyone in AK or other high-latitude areas, the orbits of most satellites doesn’t reach that high and you only can see their satellites in polar orbit.

This makes the normal rectangular starlink connection drop out quite a bit. I just installed the high performance flat dish and it has had a much better time because it extends the field of view from 100 to 140 degrees. It also has much more powerful snow melt.

The downside is that the dish consumes more power, but I have plenty of that. With 4 battle borns fully charged, I could have the truck parked for over two days without any solar or alternator input.


I use starlink at home up here and it’s the best bang for your buck.

100% the heated version is ideal for our weather. They have been adding more satellites to cover us Alaskans and it’s gotten better and better over the last 6 months.

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They’re all heated, the difference is the snowfall rate it can fend off before needing a cleaning.

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Anyone using/mounted one of the Gen3 Dishes without the power actuation? Is the best option to get the pole thingy and use one of the 3D printed mounts from previous gens posted above?

Not using them yet; but will be soon. What I would like to see is a roof quick release mount. So you can use it in motion and have the freedom to be able to move the dish to a more optimal position when stationary. I’m sure Star Mount has these designed one in some capacity.

Although risk of dish damage is real with the 2nd Gen and mobile use. On your 3rd damaged dish they start not being so generous with replacements. To be clear though only one was mobile use. The others were a deer and a refurb fail. :man_shrugging: