Stock bedrails vs aftermarket

Hey all,
I was wondering if the general consensus is to just run with the stock bedrails in Tacoma’s or if it’s advisable to upgrade to some aftermarket ones before installation.

upgrade and make sure you do it before install… it’s a pain to do it after


Do you know what options are available for a double cab long bed

What gen do you have 2nd or 3rd. If you have a 2nd gen, look at kb voodoo bedrails

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I have a 3rd gen. I haven’t seen any bed rails offered. Thanks

i heard the 3rd gen rail caps don’t deform as much as the 2nd gen… you might be fine? 2nd gen, it’s a no-brainer tho

Thanks for bring this topic up! Before picking up the GFC I need to remove the ARE cap that is on now and waterproof the bud as much as possible which means need to find or have manufactured some bed rails?

Bushwacker makes some as well but I dont believe they have any for the 3rd Gen?

Based on what people have said, the need for aftermarket bedrails is only necessary with the 2nd gens. Apparently the 3rd gens have burlier bedrails from the factory.

Is this a need for second gen Tacoma’s? I thought the GFC mounts to the mounting track system in the bed.

it’s not a matter of securing it to the bed, it’s the mating surface to the bed rails.

the 2nd gen tacos use a thinner plastic that warps over time that will lead to leaks. if you swap over to the metal aftermarket bed rails, you eliminate this issue.


My 2nd gen bed rails are warped. It’s not bad but it is noticeable. If I knew about this before I would have done what @NYCO did. I will probably do it but I don’t know when. They don’t leak but they do when I spray water really hard along the rail.

I pulled mine up and ran weather stripping under them before installing my ARE shell. I also have my coax for my GMRS radio ran under it

I know it’s kind of a sin but, Vagabond is stocking some aftermarket bed rails that Relentless is making. They appear to be better quality as they have a round over on the ends which makes them even sturdier than the KB Voodoo ones. I have not installed them yet and I just got my notification that the camper is done. Wo seeing if anyone has had to get an aftermarket cover for the shark fin? Their email States to make sure there is ample room between cab and camper hangover.

Thought with the gfc there’s enough clearance to keep the shark fin (still waiting on mine)

im on stock bedrails on my second gen and i wish id have cut the shark fin. i will when i figure out a decent way to do it

Will need to cut or replace the shark fin if you run aftermarket bed rails on a 2nd Gen.

I swapped mine for a color matched antenna from a Corolla. Other have cut them, lots of threads on TW about it.

I ended up just ordering a “bullet” from Totally Rad Products.

Seems like an easy install and looks pretty clean.

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What other options are available besides the kbvoodoo ? Can’t find the Vagabond one mentioned above and don’t see anything on Relentlessfab website.

I believe Vagabond orders them custom from Relentless. You may have to contact Relentless and/or Vagabond directly to see if you can get a set.

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I got the Relentless ones directly from Vagabond. I think I was their first customer for these but they were asking me how they arrived and packaging and such. I’d shoot them an email and order from them.

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