Stupid do build dates work?

Probably a stupid question, but I can’t explicitly find the answer…

If it says 'build date July 2021. How long does it take to get built or does it mean, it’s due to be completed in July 2021? TIA!

I’m still waiting on my camper, but here’s my understanding:

My email confirming the deposit for my camper stated that the build process takes between 8 to 12 weeks once the camper moves to “in production”. So it should be ready a couple months after that estimated production date. However, at the same time GFC has been constantly working to improve their production capacity. I’ve been lurking in the forums since last August and have seen many examples posted of folks who’s camper was finished on or before the estimated production start date. Recently GFC officially announced improvements to their production capacity and my estimated production start date moved from July to May 2021. So I am confident that mine will probably be ready by the time it was initially estimated to begin. But might also be a chance that production capacity continues to improve and its even sooner.


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For me Once my build moved into production it took about a month.

This link is a great thread to follow.

Okay, I will take a look at that thread…

I’m just looking at the site now. If I order, it says " ****Due to large order volume, camper orders placed today have an estimated build date of July 2021.**"

So, I’m just trying to gauge when the camper would possibly be completed.


Ours is July 2021, too. I’m hoping it gets bumped up a little so we have more summer time to enjoy it. :slight_smile: But we’re planning for it to be done at least by October and anything earlier is a bonus.

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This is the right mentality :call_me_hand:

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Thanks! Yeah, that’s my thought too…just hoping I could get it before school is back in session…would love to drive all 4 of us out to MT from NC, drive around for a few days and then drive back…easy to do in July/Aug, harder to justify in October…maybe if they have fall break :wink:

Oh yeah, working around school is tough! We’re mostly worried about weather going south if it goes later than October. Driving from MI to MT in snow would be yuck. Good luck!