Superlite leaking

Hey everyone, I’m pretty new to Superlite ownership and I’ve noticed it leaking somehow when not in use. I’ve so far only had the chance to use it one time and when I opened it up there was some mold growing and it was wet. Just today I popped I opened it and again it was wet, but very wet this time. The water was sitting in a pool inside the zipped section at the very front of the tent.

I had packed it away without the mattress being extra careful to make sure everything was stored away nicely but it hasn’t seemed to matter. For reference, I’m in the Seattle area so rain is very common and my truck is parked outside full time. I’m wondering if the water is coming up from the bottom of the tent when driving in the rain and soaking through? I’m really not sure.

Has anyone had a similar experience and have some idea as to why this may be happening?

Hey There- Have you taken a moment to diagnose the issue with our Customer Experience & Service Team? While the forum is an awesome spot for solutions and community advice, starting with us as the product experts is the best protocol.

Send us a Service Request at your earliest convenience and we’ll help get you dry asap.


Thanks! I’ve done just that now.

Just chiming in to say I had some water leakage after recent SoCal rains. I park in a garage but drove through some torrential rainfall at freeway speeds for about an hour. A day later, after the rain cleared I opened up the tent to air it out and found some water pooling up inside, below the zipper. Folding the bottom flap completely down cleared most of it out, and just had to use a couple paper towels to soak up the remaining water that pooled up in the rear (where I couldn’t fold the flaps down).

I’m not sure how the water got in, so I’ll be sending a service request too to see if there’s anything I can do to mitigate this issue. Though maybe it would be wise to pin a post somewhere, so their CS team doesn’t get flooded (pun intended) with requests on how to best keep it dry.